3 Days Grace

Well after a little time off (and a trip to Dublin) we are back and with an interesting question. Just how much are you looking forward to patch 3.3??

With this being the biggest content patch in a while and us all gearing and ramping up for the 3 new 5 man instances (Forge of Souls, Halls of  Reflection and The Pit of Saron) and of course our (possible) final showdown with the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel I know that I am very excited about it and also all the changes that are happening with the LFG system and much more.

But Do you feel the wait is too long??? With the patch possibly out next week or not even a month away we still don’t know when we will make the King meet his faith.  So the question at hand is what do you think of the new patch and all the changes? Is it something you could wait for or is it just Cataclysm that the developers should be looking at?

Let us know is the comments section below.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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