230g daily for 1.5 hrs of work (yes it can be done)

Well we have all seen the guides and adds plastered over the interweb for making easy gold but we all know that easy gold all comes with hard work but this is a simple run through of how I make 200g per day without even going near the Auction House and just by doing daily quests in Northrend.

It does take a little over an hour but when you are making 1400g per week an hour a day is a good set aside and is also goo for casual players who don’t have the time that a lot of other players may have to spend.

It starts simple. Do all the Argent Tournament dailies in both tents shall give you 172g 30s. Yes thats a lot for very little work guys

Then move on to Dalaran and pick up the Daily Hc which will give you 22g and 30s bringing you up to 194g 60s.

Now heres the interesting part as you will need to have your fishing and cooking leveled for these. Pick up the daily cooking and finishing quests in Dalaran. Fishing will give you a minimum of 6g and cooking will give you 9g 93s.

The last couple of quests are optional the ones I have picked are Overstock and Shoot em up because of their sheer ease.

This will leave you with a grand total of 230 gold 56 silver for just over an hours work. Not bad. Let me know what you think in our comments section below.


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Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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  1. If you have a gathering profession, you should be able to make more like 600g an hour gathering. If you don’t and you’re level 80, you should have a crafting profession. Most crafting professions have cooldowns that can be used to make money. Alchemy currently has one of the best- log in for 10 seconds, transmute an epic gem, and instant 100+g of profit.

  2. easier. do the ones on the airship then the ymirheim ones and the shadowvault, then the cooking/fishing, boom, 250ish gold in an hr
    throw some farming in there and get someone to de the greens you get, and boom, easy 500g, that’s what i average when i do em

    could be i just hate the argent dailies though 😀

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