Pilgrim’s Bounty reaction

Now that the first couple of days are over us in the Eu for Pilgrims Bounty it’s time for your reaction to the new holiday basically celebrating Thanksgiving.

Like any new holiday the first thing that hit me was “Oh my go where do I go”. I would suggest starting off in either Darnasus or Ironforge because the tables at Stormwind seemed way to crowded and also a little bugged. The questions and daily quests are extremely simple to complete giving you 6g average per turn in . So with the 5 dailies it easy 60g right there.

The achievements themselves range from simple to pull out your hair and want to kill other players hard lol. The turkinator = 40 turkey kills before the timer runs out is so freaking hard if you have a big server and the best idea is to wait  until late at night to do it when their not so many people on trying to get it.  Food fight is very simple just sit at a table and throw 🙂

The lore behind it is a bit washy but the rewards the pilgrim title and Turkey pet looks class and it is well worth it to try and get them I think.

Overall the new holiday is not one of my fav’s Winter Vail rocks but it is a nice holiday that hopefully more couple be added to in the years to come. But let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Also don’t forget to submit your questions for Brigwyn of The Hunting Lodge and Wow.com to The Warriors Rage Email


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Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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