Podcast Coming Soon

Well you all didn’t ask for it and the outcry who so none existent that I felt I was compelled to do it. So coming very very soon is the Warriorcast Podcast. (Yes it is a brutal name and no we will not be arguing about classes and forums).

I have taken onboard the services of a vetern World of Warcraft player with 5 years of experience within the game and he is from Oz but on the East coast of the US. I will keep him as a surprise for now but some people will recognize his name from a famous guild.

The podcast it’self shall be tailored for the night owl EU players but will also don’t worry be for the daytime players. We shall be covering news and warrior related topics as well as leveling suggestions and add ons and have special guests and interviews and competitions and lots more to help all manor of warriors be they DPS and protection.

The show shall be recorded on Friday nights starting at 1am GMT / 8pm EST. We shall be recording live on Ustream also and whenever we finish depends on the show.  We hope to bring you fun lively content with no penguins (or Brigwyns squirrels).  So keep an eye out right here for the new Warriorcast Podcast.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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