Welcome Siejai and Warriorcast Podcast

Sorry for the recent lull in posting but as you can imagine Rl and Christmas has taken over my life-like a plague infesting me and everyone I come in contact with. But it’s a nice plague.

I want to take this opportunity to formally introduce the Warriorcast Podcast and it’s co-host Chris “Siejai” Van Well from the Pants on Head guild in good old New Jersey, US of A. Chris has 5 years experience playing World of Warcraft and currently has a max level priest and also is currently leveling a warrior. He shall be giving us tips and ideas for a leveling warrior each week within the podcast and shall also be helping out with add-ons and macros as we know every good warrior needs his macro’s.

The podcast itself shall be weekly and contain news and views from a warrior perspective both for experienced and brand new warriors.  We shall have plenty of special guests and even a few other podcasters joining us on the show to talk about what their experiences are within the game. We shall be highlighting some good and fun web sites and podcasts for you to have a look at and generally just having fun.

The podcast shall be recorded every friday night at 1am GMT, 8pm Eastern if you’re in the states and shall be broadcast on our Ustream page here. I hope you can all join us as we have some very special guests lined up and also some great competitions and prizes to give away every once and a while.

The first podcast shall be going live in a few hours as it was recorded earlier in the week and we shall be recording new content after the holidays around January 8th. You can also now follow us on twitter at @Ravonbrand.

Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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