Earthquake?! = Cataclysm ????

Well we have seen it for a couple of days now but finally get a blue post on it. We have all noticed all realms and regions have experienced a shaking / earthquake screen effect every once and a while for the last few days.

Finally on the official forums someone asks “There was a shake in Dalaran…. Is this the beginning of the Cata Pre event?…Or was it just me?”

Wryxian replied not just once to this “It was just you. Seriously, earthquakes leading up to some kind of cataclysm? I lol’d.
*the earth shakes a bit* o.O
” then continued with “The Kirin Tor want to ensure that even though their city is no longer actually in the ground anymore, it still receives the same treatment as the rest of Azeroth… or something. 😉“.

See what he said there “still receives the same treatment as the rest of Azeroth” which simply confirms that there are currently earthquakes in Azeroth and are leading up to a world event in the some time hopefully not to distant future. There have also been reports on of invisible NPC’s called Shakers who may be the in game mechanic for this effect.

More as and when we get it.


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