2009: A retro

Well yes I am just doing what everyone else has done. But with a slightly different twist. Instead of the usual what happened in 2009 in game and what I thought of it I am going to do a what happened to Ravonbrand in 2009 and what it led to.

The year started with a simple enough event of dinging 80 on 25/05/2009. Now this was a big event for me because this is the first time I have reached max level within the current expansion timeline.  I hit 70 after Wrath came out. It really became apparent to me that up til then was just the intro to the game and now the fun really began.

Shortly after I finally came to terms with the stats that I needed to be looking at as a then DPS warrior. I had some help from a good friend Foret on emerald Dream EU and started running Hc’s like crazy getting gear with Strength and Hit. Finally I got to a point where I could run raids and soon found out that DPS was something that there was plenty of  within the game. I also started to realise once I got max Leatherworking and Skinning that these were not the best professions for me. So I made the big decision in July and respecced as a warrior tank. Now not knowing much about tanks or tanking in general I read up like crazy on the official forums and tankspot.com to get the best information.

Shortly after I respecced my professions to Blacksmithing and Mining and spent a fortune literally getting both specs as high as possible. Finally came the day for my first raid as a tank and it was the new Onyxia 10 on 22/10/2009. This was one of the most exciting and fun times within the game since I started. Not knowing what to do and running around just thunderclapping as OT I soon realised I needed to learn all the fights and I did and a week later took her on as MT in 25 and was happy when downed her in one with no deaths. Go me.

As the patches dropped I didn’t really get to see much of them. Yogg is still a mystery to me and have only completed 10 man ToTC and I am ok with this simplie because I was polishing my skills. Now the day has come when I can walk into Icecrown as a main tank with pride and power and say come on Lich King show me what you’ve got.

The changes over the last year have been fantastic for a casual player like myself who can give a few hours a day to the game and also the new dungeons and systems of emblems has been a real good idea by Blizz. I have no idea what next year shall hold but with Cataclysm and defense getting done away with it will definitely be interesting.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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