Why leave WoW??

Something that I have noticed the last while as I have taken my break is the number of podcasters and bloggers who are leaving WoW or letting their subscriptions slide. Now as we all know WoW has kind of crested (or so some people believe) at 11.5 Million subscribers. This is an amazing amount only match by a certain farming social network game which shall remain nameless. But is WoW dying???

I personally don’t think so. WoW came to us at a time of innovation and presented something to the world that no one had ever seen before which was a game where you could log in anywhere in the world and play as if it was just 10 minutes ago.  This has over the last 5 years of course changed with the introduction of similar games but WoW held dominance.

But 5 years ago the world was a different place also. Technology was on the rise. Jobs were somewhat abundant and financially people were a lot less stressed than they are right now. People thought nothing of exploring this world that Blizzard had created and paying 12 Euro’s a month for the pleasure.

But times they are a changing. Due to the world-wide financial crisis peoples minds are more on money and how they can survive more than ever. Now in saying this WoW is a great escape for this but also it is taking time and unfortunately for WoW at the minute I think the time factor is a killer.

We are leading busier and busier lives and stilling with WoW to down the bosses and farm mats and do quests is time-consuming.  I can personally say to get what I need done in-game each day takes at least 2 hours of my time which yes isn’t bad but that’s sitting there doing it and not moving.

How can Wow change this????? One word. Cataclysm

Now I know a lot of players are hoping that Cata will rejuvenate the franchise and I personally believe it shall. Whole new quests to level your character and best of all Blizzard are working on mobile apps to help you out of game and then there is Battle.net. Like seriously people come on tell me one other game that has those kinda things on the horizon and I will leave WoW forever. I am not a fanboy of Blizzard but I do like good games and this is one which is going to change with the times and in fact needs to change with the times to service and farming onslaught.

So grab your sword and fight them Horde or batter the Alliance and lets enjoy the game for what it is and if you feel you need a break then take one. There is no pressure for anyone to stay in-game all the time. I found this out recently and now coming back after just a couple of months ahs given me the urge and fun that was slowing losing itself for me from the game and by the way… Athus I’m coming for you.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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