Earth Hour and Warcraft

Hey guys

Got an interesting question for you all today that would love your comments on. Do you think that WoW should shut down all servers for Earth Hour 2010?

This is a question that has been in my mind the last couple of days and personally I would not see the harm in closing the servers for this time period on March 27th. In fact I think it would be a great idea but as always what does the community think?


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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  1. I think I pay my money every month, to be able to play the game when I want.
    If Blizz start shutting off the game for the sake of some environmentalist pressure group, then I will be sure to turn on both the lamps in my room and leave both my computers running while playing the xbox for that hour, and to cover costs stop paying Blizz the subscription for a month.

    Website looks good, adding you to my feedreader as my favourite alt is a warrior tank, that hit 40 about 2 hours ago and off-specced fury.

    Yours sincerely, Sylio of Ironforge.

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