Catacylsm release date Competition

Hey guys

Ravie here once again for you Warcraft wonderment (Is that a word?).

Ok so now that we know that BlizzCon this yeah is in October and that we should should have Cataclysm before this time although Scott on The Instance this week thinks late November. Now seriously if I have to wait til November for this without some seriously good content in between then I think Blizzard will have a big problem on its hands with subscription numbers

Yes I know and am so grateful is one of these companies who does not put out content unless it is ready to be seen and played but I think nearly a year between the end of the Lich King storyline and the expansion to way to long a time to wait or to as people to wait

But personally I would have to say that my personal guess as to the release date will be August 12th 2010.  But what do our readers think.

Leave a comment with the date you think that Cataclysm will be released on. These will be saved and the cut off date is 00:01 GMT April 10th.

The prize is something special. 3 month free game time for 2 winners. One in the EU and one in the US. Yes I did say 3 MONTHS FREE GAME TIME.

So get your comments in and in the event of a tie the winner shall be picked at random from correct answers.

Good luck all


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Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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  1. July the 20th…… probably wont be but hey it would make a great birthday treat for me!

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