Scoping out DPS

Here’s my question…

The Heartseeker Scope says in the tooltip that it increases the Ranged crit chance of the gun or bow that it is attached to.  But now that Shockwave and Thunderclap count as ranged attacks does it count towards that?

I’m going to assume that it does because I’m sure when they wrote that tooltip they assumed that guns or bows were the only way to do ranged damage before they shoe-horned Thunderclap and Shockwave into that category.

All I know is that I have one on my gun, and I’d like to believe it’s doing something for my DPS.  Although the only reason I bought it was because it kinda bothered me to not have an enchant/enhancement on an item that could accept one.  They aren’t that expensive at any rate… so go support an engineer; buy a scope.


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  1. I hadn’t considered that possibility. I wonder if a theory crafting addon such as Dr Damage would reflect the change. As a prot warrior might help with AOE tanking a tad bit.

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