New mount and Cataclysm class previews

Hey guys

So we were all wondering just how we were going to be getting our hand on the 2 person rocket mount that MMO Champion fished up in the patch files and a lot of speculation went round that it might drop in ICC or possibly the Ruby Sanctum or even be a Trading Card Game reward but today we got our answer.

Yes it’s the brand spanking new recruit A Friend reward. It looks as though the Zhevra is being put out to pasture and the age of technology or at least goblin technology is taking over. personally I love the look for this new mount. And they thoughts of flying around Icecrown and in Cataclysm are very appealing on this.

Today Blizzard also announced a Cataclysm class preview schedule for this week. No one is sure exactly what they shall be releasing in these previews through the forums but it’s a pity they are now being released through the official Cataclysm site which needs a bit of updating. Personally I can’t wait to see what Warrior changes or any surprises which might be thrown at us in these previews. The release dates of the previews is as follows:

  • Shaman – April 7
  • Priest – April 7
  • Warlock – April 7
  • Warrior – April 8
  • Death Knight – April 8
  • Rogue – April 8
  • Hunter – April 9
  • Druid – April 9
  • Mage – April 9
  • Paladin – April 16

Don’t worry we shall be keeping you up to date right here on


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