WoWTitanCast – Episode 2: We love fun grandad

Hey guys and welcome to the second episode of WoWTitanCast

Today we had no guest due to myself being busy all week with RL stuff so it was just Batrex and I to keep you entertained.

We started off by talking about MMO Champion coming across the Cataclysm beta artwork in the HTML files of Battle. net and how far away is Cataclysm.

We progressed from there onto the proposed raid changes in Cataclysm and how this will affect 25 man hard-core guilds and also be a benefit to 10 man raid guilds.

The natural order of things brought us to the Emblem changes as outlined on a previous post of mine earlier this week and how the new cap could affect players from jumping leaps and bounds ahead of casual players and how this is the direction Blizzard seems to want to take the franchise.

The screenshot of the day of the official World of Warcraft site is back and looks amazing. As you can see from the pictures below the new Badlands and Brill look fresh with major graphic changes.. (Well needed)

GiantBomb did an interview with Chris Metzen during the week about StarCraft 2 and also World of Warcraft and you can find it right here for your viewing pleasure.

We also covered the new Echo Isle preview that happened during the week and we are still arguing just how hard it will be with all those bridges.

Finally we covered Childrens Week a little. Not much. We will have more on this next week.

If you wish to contact us it is very simple just use the following:

Twitter = @Ravonbrand

Email =

Hope you enjoyed the show and don’t forget to listen for a very special competition also. Winner will be announced on next weeks show.

See ya guys

Listen Now:

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