MMO Champion Cataclysm Screenshots

Morning guys

UPDATE: Twilight Highlands, Ashenvale and Thousand Needles Screenshots added.

Well what can I say but wow. MMO Champion has once again come out on top with amazing screenshots and information about cataclysm. Not only do they have extension shots of the new Stormwind with the north west quarter DESTROYED. but also the rebuilding of Ogrimar and brilliant pictures of the new Ashara. Now the site is being updated as we speak and probably will be all day so check back regularly for updates.

Some of the most striking deifferences are the race track in Ashara and the mini glof area. Please please let us race and play golf Blizzard there. Also the new entrance to Stormwind keep with I am sure will give the Horde a lot of headaches trying to get into and the new revamped Ogrimmar which just looks bad ass.

Also they have got maps galor of areas like Thousand Needles (Yes it is flooded) woo hoo, Mount Hijal and Gilneas. There are character models also and 2 of Deathwing himself. Yes he looks like one mean mother.

So get over to MMO Champion and check them out and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.


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