Impressions: Cataclysm Screenshots

Hey guys

So now that we have had a couple of days to digest the guts of what MMO Champion has brought us from its alpha screenshots and data mining it gives us a chance to see what has and has not changed in the world we love so well. Now obviously I can’t go through it all as want to leave some surprises out there and anyways it could change at anytime.

Ok so in short Kalimdor:

The biggest changes in Kal are the ones which were announced at Blizzcon. Yes the Thousand Needles is flooded and looks amazing as well. Ashara is transformed for the Goblins and please let us be able to race Blizzard on that track. Please. Stonetalon is completely changed and all the better it looks like. I really like the progressive way they have looked at the area. Tanaris has had its shore moved a bit further inland and of course Darkshore is changed with the destruction of Auberdine.

Eastern Kingdoms:

The most striking changes from the screenshots I have seen are something you didn’t expect to see. The flooding of Menitril Harbour for instance. The destruction of 1/6th of Stormwind and the new fortified Sentinel Hill in Westfall. The biggest changes though are left of the new Lights Hope Chapel area and Western Plaguelands and Strangletorn Vale which all have been extensively worked on. All this makes me wonder that if this is the alpha imagine what still has left to be changed and what they have planned.

Also we got a look at the new zones and instances but I shall be saving them for a post later today.

All together this has just amped up my excitement about Cataclysm by about 400%. I personally do not like spoilers of events in-game until everyone has had a chance to see them or they are freely available online but you have to say that Blizzard is sitting there looking at the number of people viewing these pictures and thinking well if they want the information it’s there. It shocks me this much information has leaked at once and frankly scares me also but Blizzard has not made any announcements regarding this so I guess only they know what their position on the matter is


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