BA Shared Topic: The Explorer Task

Hey guys

So this weeks Blog Azeroth shared topic for the week comes from Jaedia of The Lazy Sniper who writes the following:

“Last night, I had an idea for a shared topic that is a little bit different to your usual shared topic. I’ve posted about it here if you’d like a little more detail, but basically, the idea is to take your character out into Azeroth and Outlands, pick a few zones to visit, take a few screenshots maybe, tell us how your character reacts to their surroundings, explore the little bits of lore. It’s really quite open to your own interpretation, but it is an invitation to get out there and write about what you see.

Sometimes when levelling, we bypass things, be it the fallen Old God in Darkshore, or just the Murlocs on the coast. How often do you stop to look around and think?”

So throughout my 2 years playing WoW I have seen most (not all) of the wondrous sights of Azeroth and Outlands. Out of all the area’s I personally love the Netherstorm area of Outlands just for it’s wondrous domes and also Emlyn Forest for that great atmosphere that it gives you as a noob.

Over the years I have only taken a couple of screenshots. Mostly holidays or achievements but currently I am doing those special screenshots of areas like Desolace and Thousand Needles for after Cataclysm hits to remember the world the way it was. Must say I do love the Emerald Dream stuff in the game and would like to see those kinda things even more in Cataclysm as they add a whole new and exciting part to the game.

My character loves all zones just not running or walking to them. He a lazy little bit. But what’s your take on it.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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