WoWTitanCast Episode 3: I’m Soooo Hungry

Hey Guys

Welcome to episode 3 of the WoWTitanCast. This week we were very pleased to have as our first special guest on the show Daewin from Polygamerous and formally The Hunting Lodge fame.  Daewin has been around the gaming and Warcraft scene for a while now and shares his knowledge and experience with us on a number of issues including Hunter end game set gear.


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We get down and dirty with the Hunter Paladin Daewin from New Orleans and find out not only his favorite game at the moment but also what he loved to play with as a child. Get those dirty thoughts out of your minds.

Daewin shares with us his thoughts on what games would make great movies and talks about his love for Jessica Biel. Then he responds to an interesting email from one of our readers  about tier bonuses in end game.


We finish up the show by making everyone extremely hungry and wanting more and more…. food that is. But we had a great time with Daewin and share a musical number from the end credits of Portal with all you guys.


We have another special guest next week with Mike “Fimlys” Halperin joining us. Next weeks show will be on Friday night at 2am GMT 9pm EST this is due to commitments that Mike has and also your Wowtitans crew. So come along and join us.


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and that’s all we have for you guys. See you next week.


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