Worgan Females and BA Shared Topic: Helping new players

Hey guys

Yes we have finally started to see pictures come through of the Worgan female forms and what can you say. They are beautiful. Not joking. Beautiful. Hell I would even date one if there wasn’t a fear of her eating me alive. Would be worth it though.

But yes Blizzard finally released the so-called “work in progress” shot of the Worgan in various stances and gear from cloth to plate. The plate wearing Worgan looks like she could be a right butt kicker and this has started me to ask the question of will I roll a male or female Worgan as they are both really attractive to look at. It is going to be a very very hard choice to make as I don’t have that many female characters except for my paladin and warlock so this might just be my first female druid.

Blog Azeroth’sshared topic for this week is one of extreme interest. Nexdominus asks:

Do you help new players, if so in what way?

Thankfully I am in a guild where everyone helps each other out. This has been the way of the guild even before I joined and when someone calls for help you can be sure we will come running. Come on guys this is a massively multiplayer game after all. No point not helping a few people out. Plus I have made some amazing friends along the way by each helping the other out.

One of my first experiences with grouping and the such was on my warrior in the Wetlands and I had completed everything solo up to this point so was pretty happy but them came a quest where I knew I was not going to make it. So /1 the chat and asked if anyone else was on the quest. Luckily a Dwarf hunter was doing the same quest and the same level as me. After we finished the quest we went our separate ways but kind befriend each other and were lucky to be able to call on each other in times of need.

When possible I will help lower level players if they need the help and when it is at a time that I am not currently busy myself. This is all part of the friendly universe of Warcraft that we live in and the people who do not help others are missing out in possibly making great allies down the road.


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  1. I thought I was the only one interested for awhile but I looked around and I have seen some others recently… Pretty fun site, I hadn’t played in awhile so I made up my mind to buy neopoints and get going again. Seems like a a lot has changed but enjoying it 🙂

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