WoWTitanCast Episode 4: Killing Bees with Fimlys (updated)

Hey guys

Welcome to episode 4 of your weekly wowtitancast. This week we were very pleased to have as our special guest on the show Fimlys from Polygamerous Twisted Nether and Asleep at the wow. Fimlys has been around the gaming and Warcraft scene since the start of the game and shares with us some of his favorite moments and hopes for the Warcraft franchise future.


The World of Warcraft mobile auction house app for the iPhone and iPod touch started its beta this week on US realms along with the web-based auction house on the armory.

Blizzard announced that Blizzcon tickets would go on sale next month and the guys talk about the attractions at Blizzcon and even make an announcement about the MC for the event.

We also talk about Blizzards breaking of ACR (Augmented Virtual Reality) mod and what this did to the game that made Blizzard so mad.

We touch a little on the loot table so far for Ruby Sanctum and what classes seem to be most benefiting there

Finally we discuss the first look pictures of the Worgan Female. Why do we end up comparing it to Shrek. Well you will have to listen to the podcast to find out.


Fimlys drops by with his usual wit and down right distracting behavior to let us know that his memory is now almost gone for Z list movie actors and even Blizzard employees.

We also find out what he has been up to with his current podcasts and who he would most like to interview within Blizzard.


We finish up the show this week with Invincible the music released for the 25th anniversary of Warcraft and also a viewer of the show attacks Batrex right at the end but not to worry the Death Knight from Iceland got his revenge


We have no special guest next week and if you know anyone or yourself who would like to join us then send us an email with your details. Next weeks show will be back to its normal time of 8pm GMT 2pm EST. So come along and join us.


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and that’s all we have for you guys. See you next week.


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