WoWTitanCast Episode 5: The World of World Cup Cast

Hey guys
Welcome to episode 5 of your weekly WoWTitanCast. This week we have no special guest and also it is a pretty short show as there is practically no news for us. We hope this is a good sign.


Operation Gnomereagan and Echo Isles get some test time on the PTR. We discuss what this means in time frame for a Catacclysm release or Beat.

Ruby Sanctuum release gets a delayed launch in the US as we ask the question why is this.

We got news from National Geographic this week that Murlocs are in deed real creatures as proven by our post picture.

The Icecrown buff gets another buff increasing to 20%. We analyse the good and the not so bad of this.

New Battleground Twin Peaks gets a preview and we discuss what this means for Warsong Gulch. Is the end near for the famous battleground?

Finally we announce the unexpected news that Blizzcon has sold out. Wow that’s a shock

INTERVIEW: None this week

No special guest interview this week. Seems like noone liked us enough to come along. If you have any suggestions for guests then lets us know at our email address or on Titter.


We finish up the show this week with some Icelandic inspired Klingon opera. Come on sing along. Mageda kay ooh Mageda kay ohh


We have may have a very special guest next week and we shall be announcing details on Thursday to who this may be. Next weeks show will be at it’s normal time of 9pm GMT 3pm EST. So come along and join us.


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and that’s all we have for you guys. See you next week.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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