WoWTitans Reviews : Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

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This is the first in a series of reviews of various Warcraft related items. We shall be not only covering the Warcraft books but also the items on sale in the Blizzard Store and beyond.

To kick off this new second we start with “Lord of the Clans” by Christie Golden.

Now I am no stranger to Ms Golden’s books. I have previously read the amazing Star Trek: Voyager The Dark Matters Trilogy and her novalisation of Endgame another Voyager novel. Ms Golden brings a dept and an understanding of the characters see writes about that very few other authors can contend with are her characters and descriptions are equal if not superior to such authors as Terry Pratchett and Stephen King.

So what’s it about you are asking? Well put simply this is the story of Warchief Thrall.  The story begins after the Horde have fallen to the Shadow Council. Thrall’s father, mother and himself (who is just a baby at this stage) try to rally the Horde to reclaim their once honour once again and drive the corrupted Warlocks out of power and establish the once proud Horde nation. But as they travel to the are set upon by assassins are Thralls parents are killed in the batte leaving the baby Thrall to be eaten by any number of creature. But a human by the name of Aedelas Blackmoore finds the infant and plans to train and use the infant to build an Orc army of his own to defeat the Alliance and take power in Stormwind. Befriended by a human girl named Taretha Thrall escapes and the book cronicals his journey not only to find what happened to his parents and why they died but also learn what it means to be Orc and Orcish history and Shamanistic ways.

Where does the book deliver? Well the story of Thrall has never been one that has peaked my attention in game. He always seemed the evil leader (I play Aliance you see) in my eyes but upon getting even a quarter of the way though the book it became evident that just as in an child you reap what you sow. From being trained and given the name slave (Thrall) he was disrespected left right and center by humans and no wonder he would rather see them wiped from the planet. The story of Thralls relationship with Taretha and how bonds can be forged even in the most unlikely of circumstances is by far and away the best feature of the book. You can feel the love and respect both characters share for each other. Equally you can also feel the loathing and anger towards the drunken protagonist of the novel Aedelas Blackmoore. By the end I wanted him dead just as much as Thrall. All in all the story told within this 278 page book is not only shocking and horrific in places but also touching and memorable.

Where does the book fail? The book fails in just 2 areas. Number 1: Pacing. In parts especially in the middle 4/5ths the book just seemed to have plodded along and I would have liked (just my opinion of course) more time spent dealing with the friendships Thrall had made within the Horde and also dealing with the rebellous elements of the Horde who may not have wished him there or feared him as a spy. Number 2: During the opening pages I would have liked to have gotten more information on the Shadow Council and also how Doomhammer and Thralls dad were involved. It seemed just a little too quick an explanation and I am sure it shall be covered in another book or already has been but it is the only fault I could have with the story.

Conclusion? Ms Golden has pulled a golden goose egg with this novel. All the elements are there friendship, loss, tragity, revenge, and an ending which you will find shocking and brilliant. If you play alliance only you should definately pick this book up and know your enemy as maybe this guy is right all along. Hell wish he was our leader instead of Wrynn lol. The book retails around about €8 from places like or and is well worth it especially in these summer evenings.


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  1. I was terribly disappointed with Richard Knakk’s foray into the Warcraft Universe.

    Not to say that I didn’t enjoy his books, I just felt they really lacked a lot of depth I’ve seen that Chris Metzen put into his lore.

    Then I read Lord of the Clans and absolutely loved Christie Golden’s portrayal of the new Horde. It was sharp, succinct and linked well into the current lore of the Warcraft Universe.

    Unfortunately, for the great points of the book, I have to agree that the sub-plots of both the Shadow Council and the relationships Thrall had with the Orcs he met to be way too short and not detailed enough.

    However, overall a really fantastic book, and a great read for both Horde and Alliance alike.

    Lok’Tar Ogar!

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