Looking for Writers: Boss Tutorials

Hey guys and gals

I have been thinking long and hard of ways to make WoWTitans a more helpful and informative place for people to come and I hope I have hit on the right idea. What I am looking for is people who run Dungeons and Rad to send it their tutorial video’s for boss encounters. Now I know your thinking there are a million other sites doing this Ravon and yes your right but what we want at WoWTitans is to have not only a healing guide to the fight but also a tanking, a melee DPS and a ranged DPS guide also. These would all appear under the one article for easy access.

So if you are a tank, healer, melee or ranged get your videos into us and you could be chosen as our regular columnist and also appear on the WoWTitancast (as soon as I sort out my service provider grrr). The criteria could not be simpler. All you need to do is record the encounter and provide basic simple information voiced over it. You can submit the guide for any boss in the game currently although ICC bosses would be preferable. There are no class or race limitations.

To enter just send us the video in an email and we shall contact you to let you know what we thoughts were. We endeavor to reply to every email so don’t be disheartened if it takes a little time for us to contact you. So hope to see those video’s rolling in and good luck.


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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