Man O Alts

Hey guys

Ok so wanted to share a couple of thoughts on alts. Currently i have 10 yes 10 alts. all are level 20 + and have one of each class with of course my warrior human being my main. What I have noticed when leveling my alts is that it is also good to pick up the professions and level them also.

I am on my level 27 rogue at the moment and he is currently leveling all over the place. This is fun because you get to see all the world all over again before Cataclysm comes out. This also give me the chance to see what the classes feel like for cataclysm and in that way judge how the classes have changed and also how they have benefited.

The other benefit of have 1 of each class is that you get a better understanding of what abilities the classes have which I can tell you is an amazing help when running dungeons and giving suggestions whether they be good or bad.

Now a lot of people complain about the Rogue leveling experience but honestly I find it fun. I love games such as Splinter Cell series where stealth and surprise are your companions and this works well into the Rogue. Currently rotation consists of Gouge, Blackstab, sinister strike and eviscerate. What helps is also lacing your weapons (currently the heirloom daggers) with poison to help with DPS and also slowing down your opponents.

As I level each character I will update you on my thoughts and what I personally like and hate about the classes.



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Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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