Post Blizzcon cooldown

Oh come on did you really think I was going to write and article before Blizzcon hit use full in the face with awesomeness. No way.

So lets cover it all in beautiful chronological order. This day last week we were all shocked awh’d and basically scared out of our little pink boxers when the Cataclysm full cinematic was released. Everyone has seen this at this stage. It’s freaking  awesome and possibly the best trailer I have seen this year even beating The legend of the Guardians trailer. Got to love the birds people. What the trailer has brought with it is a villain which up until now we knew was mad and bad and really pissed off but in the trailer we now know he wants us dead and not just a nice dead but a dead as you can possibly be dead with burning as well. The final shot of Deathwing on the gates of Stormwind. Well come on its wow for a reason people. I cannot wait for this game and especially this villain after just completing all 3 War of the Ancients books and am geeking out more than ever. Collectors Edition Cataclysm you shall be mine.

Next up we can see that Cataclysm is getting polished and ready to ship as there is a lot of testing going on for the raid encounters to make them great. there are a good few videos out there of these encounters but the ones i found most enjoyable were here and here. The encounters look amazing and as a warrior tank I say bring it on big guys see what a human can really do.

Then as with every year there was a silence. Nothing happening nothing being talked about until that is Blizzcon happened just 2 days ago. Yes the nearly annual event kicked off with Chris the man Metzen talking about what it is to be Geek and what it means to him and Blizzard to have us as fans. This was a major PR prop by Blizzard to basically say that the company is ours. We control if they make money and it want to make games and expansions which are the best possible and sometimes that feels like too long a time. But quick is not always best and I for one am happy to have this franchise still in the hands of the people it belongs truly too. THE FANS.

Now speaking of this Mike Morhime announced that there will be a second charity pet going in game this year for Child’s Play which will be a Moonkin Hatchling. Cannot wait to see what this looks like and again it is for a good cause so i probably will pay out for it this one time. The only other big announcement was the last Diablo 3 class the demon hunter and area battles. Diablo is looking badass.

The big info came as usual from the quests and lore panel with Chris Metzen and the big one seems to be that Thrall shall be the new aspect of Earth taking over from Deathwing. This is huge as what it basically means is Thrall is the main character along with Deathwing this expansion. Expect  a lot of Horde times and expect it to be epic story as always.  We also got the name of the new old god this expansion which is Nezoth/Ni’zoth.  Kalecgos will be the new blue aspect. Thrall and Jaina will never get green fever for each other.

We found out from the raids and dungeons panel that a lot of old world dungeons are getting a face lift and nip tuck also. with whole sections of some dungeons getting the chop. This is welcome news for new level players as the long Ulduam runs are going bye-bye thank old gods. Plus we’re getting 2D maps for each dungeon was the first step. Detailed boss info will be added to the map, including loot, lore, and abilities! 3D Portrait of the bosses will be available.

but by far the biggest news came from the art panel weirdly enough where we finally got to see the Worgen in-game cut scene which you can see below and also we got the final version of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm login screen and OH MY GOD W.O.W is truly wow and will leave you with that scene.



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