The Delay.

Hey guys.

First off I would like to apologize for the delay in the last couple of weeks but with Blizzcon and the RL job commitments it has been a nightmare to get 20 minutes to write-up anything substantial enough to call a post but here we are another Friday and another post is for your viewing pleasure.

News today of the beta testing of the new World of Warcraft community site and I must say I am impressed. No longer will there be a mass of menu’s down the left hand side of the screen but all neatly categorized along a top menu plane for ease of access. I must say I like this design a hell a lot. The background is in fitting with the Cataclysm expansion and the overall flow of the site is great. Well done to the designers. Must say I really like.

I have fallen in love by the way with a new World of Warcraft wallpaper. Yes we have the new official Cataclysm wallpaper finally this week and it looks as dark and as menacing as anything I have seen come for the artists before. It has replaced my anniversary 5 and 20 year Warcraft wallpaper of all the faction leaders and I think it will be around for a long time yet.  Unfortunately though my daughter doesn’t seem to like Deathwing so every time she sees him she does a little scream and runs away which is cute and is exactly what I wanna do in-game but I am not such a girl. Yet.

The Cataclysm world event started this week with a number of quests involving elementals and the Twillight Hammer cult. I have played through this series of quests on my main and main alt now and my say they are very well done and not at all majorly time-consuming. There is an achievement also for killing each of the 4 types of elementals in different regions and a friend of mine came up with an excellent idea for making this easier. All you have to do is create a new global chat channel called rifts or whatever you wish and tell people about it. Then people can update each other in your realm on when rift times are or if rifts are currently available and where in certain areas. TOP TIP.

I have to address Red Shirt Guy. This guy had the guts to call Blizzard out on a mistake in lore in beta compared to the new novel The Shattering. Well done this guy and must say to all the idiots who are annoying him give him a break. Someone else would have done this at some stage and it is not fair to make fun of a person just because they have noticed a mistake in-game and I am sure that if this was something to do with your class or role you would have been more than happy for him to stand up there and tell the main guys at Blizzard about it. So well done sir and hope you’re not taking idiots opinions to personally. Also well done on the new in-game character based on Red Shirt Guy in Ironforge Wildhammer Fact Checker who is nicely dressed in customary red shirt.

Cataclysm has also gone on pre sale download from Blizzard store. Now I know a lot of people will get the digital download but for once guys I have to disagree with a game / expansion of this magnitude. I have pre ordered the Cataclysm Collectors Edition with official game strategy guide (which ain’t worth that much really) because god damn it I want it. Yeah I know it’s a lot of money for not that much else extra and yes I know it just for show and yes I know it really nothing but junk to go along with the books and Murlocs and figures and other stuff that I already have spent way way way too much money on but come the hell on. This is the biggest change to the biggest MMO ever. Can you not say that you too are tempted by the silver and red lava box and all it contents.  Sure you are.

Well that’s me for another week guys. Have fun and hope to get the second part of the world event this week so enjoy killing elementals in Stormwind and others.

Outta here.


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Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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