Epic Noobs Everyone.

Hey guys and welcome to another week in the World of Warcraft.

So this Monday we got the 2nd part of the world event. I must ask was anyone else pretty disappointed in this new set of quests. Yes sure it was kinda cool nuking tiny stone dudes in Ironforge but there wasn’t an epic or huge deal really about it unlike the 1st stage where the elementals were appearing world wide. I kinda hoped that the second stage would see an even greater amount of these world invasions or maybe cut the timer down on them from 1 hr to maybe 30 minutes.  But alas neither of the above seemed to happen and instead we got a quest to save some artifacts and kill some little dudes. Lets hope for something a bit more substantial in the coming weeks as Cataclysm rules up to the door and knocks it off it’s hinges.

Then on Friday night we got the 3rd part of this event giving us a few more quests including disrupting some cultists and their plans for Stormwind and visiting Thrall in Nagrand as we find out that he has stepped down as Warchief and handed the title to an obviously happy Garosh. This 3rd installment definitely was as good as the first and shows the effects that the cultists are having on the cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar with visitors having to be checked before entering the gates in case that they are cultists trying to expand their plans. This doesn’t seem to be working too well though as there are plenty of them walking around in plain sight. Don’t you just want to punch them.

This week thanks to our friends at MMO-Champion we got our first looks at the new store pets coming our way later this month. The Lil’Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling will be winging our way to us soon and you can expect both these pets to cost the same as the previous Lil XT and Pandaran Monk pets. Just like the Monk last year half off all money raised from the sale of the Moonkin Hatchling shall go to a charity which is as yet to be nominated by Blizzard. My take on this is simple. Buy the Moonkin to support the charity as it is a good cause and will more than likely be a deserving one and buy Rag if you feel like it. It is nothing major to buy one or both of them and it is nice to do your charitable deed for the year guys lol.

Blizzard announced this week the introduction of the Dial in authenticator. So what this service is is a free opt in service for when the game believes that it may not be you who is trying to access your account. If this is the case it shall as you to phone a toll free number from a specific number which you will set upon opting in and follow the directions from there. This is a great idea and one I know has been talked about before other places I.E The Instance and add that extra layer of security against account hackers. For those of you who’s phones are not compatible with the mobile authenticator or just not will to pay for the extremely cheap authenticator itself ( which I don’t see why you should not) then this is a viable option for you and it’s free.

Blizzard also announced that you shall be able to race change immediately as of December 7th to either Worgan or Goblin.Does this make me want to do it with my main. No not at all. Some people will want to do this yes but they are going to miss out on exciting new content if they do which I for one shall be rolling 3 new characters. A Worgan, Goblin and either a Human Paladin or Orc Druid. For the people who want their characters as these new races it’s great but I do not foresee many people doing this until at least their characters hit 85 but I have been wrong in the past.

Yes it has arrived a lot quicker than last year… We got our Deathy’s. Wow what a little spit fire he is too. Deathy’s animations come less than those of the other pets but this still makes him a constant companion for all those people who attended or bought the Direct TV package this year. I know he shall have pride of place beside me as I adventure through a reforged Azeroth and he shall be there beside me as I take down his daddy Deathwing.


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