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Hey Guys and Gals

Ravon back once again after a short break I took revisiting my favorite place in the whole world. Yes Azeroth.  Had a lot to catch up with once I got my hands on Cataclysm earlier this month and  thankfully due to lots of snow and ice in Ireland I had a lot of time on my hands to run through a lot of the content. Not all but a lot.

So what’s this article going to be about. Yep you guessed it a full on Cataclysm review session. So we’re going to break it up into a few sections here for you guys. First is Questing. First off the bat in the new Stormwind or Ogrimmar is the choice you get to pick between the lost city of Vashj’ir or Mount Hijal. Personally I picked Vashj’ir as I wanted to see just how good this zone was after it was finally completed from beta. Now hold your horses I was not disappointed and that’s for later. The questing flow in all areas is amazing. There is a true and defined fluidity to it that is so well done it is no time and you have completed half the quests in the area just because they are so fun. With the questing comes the phasing and we finally feel like we are in a progressive MMO when the very landscape around up is changing as we read the quest text and please guess for your own sake read the quest text.  Now there are parts where you could maybe miss a quest or two and miss out on a chain quest and have to fly all over the map to find it but this only happens a couple of times. All in all questing is epic.

Secondly I wanna talk about zones. We got the 5 new zones with the lost city of Vashj’ir, Mount Hijal, Ulduam, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands. Are these zones spectacular? Yes. Does the phasing work good in these zones. My god yes. What would you change about these zones? Well i would not change much apart from a few more NPC’s and a bit less of a respawn time on the existing ones as most people will have seen that once you kill one it is like he cloned himself in a split second and just started to pound on you where he left off. Of course this will all get sorted once the number of people running the areas diminishes but it was a little annoying. Vashj’ir is amazing. The swimming and walking underwater is great and fun but I did hear a lot of people complaining about it but personally I had no problem with it. Hijal uses phasing to its uttermost best ( yes it can be a sentence). As you progress through the zone it is great to see the life returning to the mountain and you helping change the zone forever by your actions. Ulduam is just so much fun and gorgeous. Hell it’s just chock full of Indiana Jones which I love. Deepholm is menacing and broody which works great for the zone where Deathwing called home for so long and finally Twilight Highlands is cool and taking the fight to the Twilight cult and helping the red dragons is definitely a favorite.

Next up is dungeons. So I have run every one of the new dungeons except heroic Deadmines and they all start exactly where the quests that lead you there end which is brilliant.  I have only completed dungeons on normal at the moment as I am waiting on guild to gear up before taking on heroics. Throne of the tides is beautiful and simple to be honest. It’s not much of a challenge but looks cool. Vortex Pinnacle will cause you some problems if you do not CC the adds but other than that the bosses are pretty straight forward. Stonecore is fun and again not much of a challenge on normal mode.  The lost city of Tol’vir is again a CC checker. You need your group working together here or else it is a very big wipefest. Halls of Origination is fun and it’s great to be with Mr Bronzebeard again. The bosses are simple and no real problems with them at all. Grim Batol = OMG. Now of all the new dungeons this one was hard. The trash is hard. The bosses are hard and if you do not clear a good bit of the trash with the drakes at the start then prepare for a long night head of you guys cos it is not easy. All in all I like the new dungeons. They are all fun and great to run through and experience. Heroics will not be easy :).

Lets tackle the Goblins and Worgan last. WTH was Blizzard thinking about putting these guys in this expansion? Are they nuts? Do we not already have way too many cool things in here? I guess they thought not and gave us the fun and completely over the top Goblins and vicious down right bad ass Worgan. So Goblins have been in the game since the start and they are just as fun and conniving as they always have been. I started with a Goblin rogue as they are evil stealing gremlins so that was the perfect combo ( did you get the joke? lol) and I must say that not only was the questing fun and interesting in the starter zones but also the phasing actually helped me care about my little Gizmo.  The use of vehicles in the 3rd quest you get is ingenious and gives you so much fun to play and do your quests that it feels like no time before you’re stranded on the Lost Isles and fighting the Alliance so that you can survive. Lucky for you that the Horde hate the Alliance again and that you get a chance to scratch their backs and they help scratch your’s. Now that good business, The Worgan on the other hand face an impossible fight from the word go against the enemy they will eventually become. The questing is fun and gives you the basics of exactly what your class can and can’t do and also lets you have fun as a human before your life is ripped away by the curse that befalls the Gilneas people.  As you fight to basically stay alive as the Undead arrive to take Gilneas you are helped by the Night Elves who feel a duty to assist your race as they are partially to blame for the curse. The Worgan are exactly what the Alliance need. They needed a vicious menacing brutal race to off set the nice and friendliness that has been in the Alliance since the start. We are going to see a lot of Worgan around and hopefully my Worgan druid will be at the thick of the action soon.

So is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm worth all the hype? Well yes and no. It is an amazing piece of work and one which as a player I am so glad to see happening. Is this the best that Blizzard can do? No. There is much more to come from this expansion and I think we have only got a small bit of a bigger and much more interesting storyline. I think this will be the start of something great and not the best that we have seen. What’s Blizzards next expansion? Come on people why the hell would you bother asking this already. Get over it and play the game they have given you.


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