Its been a long road.

Hi guys and girls…

Wow six years since my last post on this what was a Warcraft fan page. A lot has happened since then. I still play Warcraft and love it even move that I did when I started this page. I am still playing my main which is a Warrior of course and who is slowly gaining gear through the good old daily quests and dungeons.

So where have I been????

No where is the simple answer. For a long time I was trying to find my place and where I fitted and who I was and in the end I realized I am just someone. No idea who really I might be whether they be nice and sweet or horrible and grumpy but aren’t we all those things at most points in our lives. Like really who is the same person they were 6 years ago. Hell reading back on these posts its like someone completely different wrote them and someone different did. I am not the same person I was nor will I ever be again.

So less of the metaphysical let’s get down to reigniting what was once my passion which is sharing my stories. Six years ago I started this page and it was intended to be a news site. A commentary on Warcraft and Warriors. What I realized was I loved talking not just about Warcraft but about me and my then life. So after forgoing this blog I started vlogging. Yes I know massive Segway Michael. I did the vlogging for 5 years and for its ups and downs it helped me to achieve a lot of things which I thought would never happen. Like becoming debt free and meeting a woman I could love. Said woman now has borne me a son and another daughter who I love with all my heart.

So why start back writing???

I loved writing as a kid. I used to make up stories for Star Trek and much more and I have always gravitated back to it. So why not give it another shot with another guise. So we come to the meat of it. I am a dad. I am a geek. I am ginger and I am like every dad ever. Finding our way. This is my story. My faults. My triumphs. My weaknesses and my power. Yeah I had no idea what to put on that last one. So why not come with me on this journey of self exploration and lets see where it takes us.

It may only last a short time but lets enjoy it. ( That’s what she said).

Need sleep


About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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