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What not to buy your children for Christmas.

Hi guys and girls

Today’s PSA is about common sense. Now it is called common sense as it is common. So most people have it. Unfortunately there are those “special” people who do not have this skill in knowing right from wrong and your friendly neighborhood ginger is here to help them with this.

Now we all know that Christmas is a hard time of year for parents. Yes the kids have their letters written and all seems well with the world as you sit back in your favorite chair with your cup of tea in hand as you read your darling child’s ever improving handwriting and you are filled with joy and pride in them…. Until you get to the letters G T A V. No four letter word been written by your darling has ever filled you with more dread. Well maybe one. You think to yourself. Jesus surely it cannot be that bad. You look up the reviews and they are glowing. 5 stars. Game of the year. A tour de force. Sure why not. Little Timmy turns it on for the first time and starts to explore this amazing world as you watch on Christmas morning. What. What is this? Is that man beating that girl with a bat? Surely not. Little Timmy what kind of bar are you in now? Oh a strip club. Well surely there is no. Yes yes there they are. The boobs and vaginas. WTF have I done. People always ask me if GTA V is that bad. Look at this picture below and you tell me.


Or this.


Or this.


Yes Mary it is that bad. Now put it down walk away and for god sake get 8-year-old Timmy Rocket League or FIFA.


Nerf. I love Nerf guns. My daughter and I play with them all the time. They are fun and fantastic. My daughter is 8. Would I buy her one at 4. Hell no. A four-year old with a gun is like giving a chain saw to a monkey. Yes they may not know how to work it but when they do you know it’s coming at your face. Now lets introduce the same 8-year-old to Nerf Rivals a new range for OLDER teenagers from Nerf. These are high velocity weapons and I mean weapons. I have been shot with one and it freaking hurts. Yes you can  buy a face mask but whats that going to do for your private bits. It even looks adult. It looks like a freaking paint ball gun on steroids. I love my daughter but do I trust her not to shoot me somewhere delicate with this. Hell no. Do I trust her not to shoot someone else or her brothers and sisters with this. Hell no. Should you buy this for less than a 14-year-old. Hell freaking No.


We all love drones. They are the big thing at the moment. Everyone wants a drone. Hell if America can have them I can have one too. Just less of the murder. Drones are fun and are fantastic for filming really cool and fun things or just doing flips. These things are awesome and I say that because I own 2 and love them. I am an adult. I know what I can and cannot do with these things. Kids on the other hand just want to play with these basically helicopters and have fun too. Just did you ever tell your child not to put their finger somewhere and they did it anyway. Well think of little Timmy (I have no idea why I keep calling this fictional child Timmy. Too much Timmy Time. I could have just called it Tammy or Jessica or any number of names. Hell Timmy it is. ) sticking their finger into the high spinning blades of an ever rotating blade of doom. Yep that fingers gone now Timmy because you didn’t listen to your father again. See what happens. No I shall not bring you to the hospital. Stop whining its only 2 litres of blood you have lost. I lost that when you were born. Drones are great but Jesus do not give it to a child. Teenagers can’t even be trusted with cars let alone helicopters.


Well this has been my PSA. Please listen and do not go asking your local toy store if GTA drones or Nerf is suitable for 3-year-old Jessica. The answer will forever be….. Get out of my shop you idiot.


When the world is shattered….

Hey guys and girls

A late post this week due to the fact I have run out of game time which means my lovely access to World of Warcraft is none existent until the end of this week. So all information brought to you this week will be from various other websites.

So obviously the big news this week is that shattering of Azeroth as we knew it and reborn in the fires of Deathwing. As I have not seen or experienced this apart from on the beta I have to say I really wanna see it. With all the Dalaran and Shattrath portals being removed I hear a lot of people crying about the fact of not being able to run through a portal to where they want to go. Get over it people. You knew it was coming and it’s not a big deal now we will be able to fly in Azeroth anyway. From playing on the beta I have seen how much the world has changed and I love it. Come on the Redridge bridge is finally complete.

Blizzard has cut the prices of WoW and all its expansions also for a limited time. You can pick Vanilla World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade up for €5 each and also Wrath of the Lich King for €10. So come on guys buy this limited offer for your loved ones and get them hooked also.

Blizzard announced the Darkmoon Faire website. Similar to the 5th anniversary website there are unlockable features the more that you send in your applications for the 2 competitions that they now have running. One a video competition and the other and image competition.  Prizes include laptops and headsets and the stuff which has been unlocked so far is pretty darn cool. Look below at the images and videos unlocked so far. Must say Garosh looks badass.

The official World of Warcraft forums closed down and reopened in a new location this week on the new community site. They look just as neat and tidy as before and I don’t really see a down side to this one. Sure we will have gotten used to the old system but come on its new and pretty and for all those barred Trolls you have been unbarred to rant and rave as much as you like (until you get banned again) in the new glossy forum pages.

No pet for the anniversary this year and I for one am pissed off at this. Blizzard stated it was because they wanted these little guys to only be part of a milestone event like the 5th anniversary. So what was with the 4th anniversary pet then guys? What was the milestone there guys? I know the guys at Blizzard have been busy this year and all but this was their chance to give us Ghostcrawlers moose. Hell they could have even set it on fire and told us for all our whining they would be giving us a flamin moose and we would have been happy. Well we’ll just have to wait for our camels then.

Sorry here but sometimes you come across a piece of fan art that blows you away and I have to give a big congrats to Zhongjie Lan (Windforcelan) for this masterpiece below which I have printed on glossy paper and is sitting up in my office as a truly amazing piece of work. It has to be one of the most sexy and amazing pieces of Warcraft art I have seen in ages and deserves the praise of being on the Blizzard fan art site.  Check below for the picture.

Finally for this week in review we got Patch 4.0.3 which saw those elementals attacking the major cities and although I only saw a fraction of this due to the above issue of running out of game time and money. It did look damn cool with epic raid’s amount of people battling to protect their cities for the onslaught of the elements. This of course died down after a few days and most people just stood there and let others do the work for them. Way to go guys on showing your true allegiance.

Well that’s it from me for another week. I shall be back with you on Sunday this week as I need to actually play the game for a while to get acquainted with what I am telling you guys. Have fun

Merry Christmas

I would just like to take the time on behalf of myself ad Siejai to wish all the readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We shall not be posting for a few days over the holidays so enjoy your in game and real life families.