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Fun video games to play with your kids.

Before I even start this these are me own opinions. Other people will definitely be different from mine but these are the top 5 games to play with your kids on PC, Xbox or PS4.

World of Warcraft


What better way to teach your kids right and wrong than to get them to pick their first ever character in Warcraft and instantly tell them they were wrong and should have picked Demon Hunter. WoW has always had a loyal following (of which I am one of the 8 year vets) and with this comes a pride in a game which has developed into something that no one has ever seen the like of again. You learn the values of friendship (in murdering candle loving grandads), Honor in returning stuff to people who maybe shouldn’t be trusted, and of course why murder is a bad bad thing. Because someday you will get murdered yourself. This is a game which teaches you basic computer movement and with practice can make you a master of every game there is out there. The storylines are simple for kids to follow and there is no blood and guts (never mind the undead) which are rampant in most other games. Its simple family fun. Unless you are Horde. In which case you are scum. For the Alliance.

Fifa 17, 18, any


Fifa has always been a staple of fun sports games this side of the pond. Its simple to get into but hard to master. You can play online or by yourself or with friends. I have known people who have made lasting relationships from games like Fifa and who have eventually met in real life. I know shocking that a game can be fun and friendly. Fifa brings with it a sense of achievement rarely seen in most sports games. There is something fun about getting a low-level team into the top rankings in the world. It’s also fun to sell and buy star players who you hear about every week. The only downside to Fifa is its reliance on micro transactions with its Ultimate team feature. Yes you can get the same rewards from just playing the game but hell who has time for that. I want Messi and I want him now. Hears my 50 euro.

Crash Bandicot


Come on Crash had to make this list. He is one of the best things about the Playstation and he will always have a place in our hearts. The shear heart racing moment when a bolder appears and chances you down a track as you frantically try to keep out of its way will be ingrained in ever males memory who has every played this classic game. Not only is it simply fun but it is deceptively easy to just pick up and play. There was no major button mashing just jump and spin your heart away. People have been crying out for a new Crash game for years. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike and the fun is not just in playing it but watching your kids faces as they try to time a jump over a log to perfection. Classic.

League of Legends


Not a game I have played a whole lot of but what a fun game though. This team based tower defense game allows kids to be kids but also introduces them to a world where if people do not work together then things simply do not work. Lol is one of those games a bit like WoW where communication is the key to success. Lol is also big money. The world championships held every year have a cash price averaging 2 million US dollars. Thais not petty change. Lol is big business and if the child gets good could be earning more money than you the parent. Stuff to think about as online play and gaming just keeps getting bigger and better. I am not gonna lie there are some amazingly cute characters in Lol too to such you in. Offers loads for boys and girls.



Ok ok how could I not put probably one of th most successful franchises in the world in this list. Pokemon started its days as a simple card game but wow has it become so much more over the years. With the release of Pokemon Go earlier this year this franchise went from cool to sub-zero over night. Cute animals and the need to catch them all suck parent and child alike in. With the ability to trade Pokemon and to battle each other this series of games ahs become a phenomenon over the last decade and only seems to be getting bigger. There are plenty of people around the world who take this game seriously and who will argue to the death over which Pokemon are better and why. But at its core its a simple game where you get to become the very best. Like no one ever was.

Well thanks for sticking with me through this simple list post. Yeah you can tell it’s nearly Christmas. Of the games not mentioned I would like to give an honorable mention to Overwatch which is a simple fun competitive online game which kids and adults love and what child doesn’t want to kill their daddy with a sniper rifle?