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3 Reasons you should buy the Nintendo Switch if you’re a parent.


So we are back after the Christmas break and as always I hope it went smoothly and without incident for my peeps. But no sooner has the hustle and bustle of Christmas ended but the next new thing has dropped in your lap. Yes mummy I want a Nintendo Switch. What is a Nintendo Switch you ask Little Timmy. Well it’s the replacement for the Nintendo WiiU. Yeah remember that games console that very few people wanted because there were very few games? Yes this is the upgrade.

Lets start off easy. What is the Switch. Well Nintendo describes it as “Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like.” Now to break that down into none marketing speak it is a tablet which you can plug controllers into and also plug into your tv to play your games. Now as a geeky dad I love this. This looks amazing. But as a dad I am worried about this also. I have 3 main problems and I shall address the reasons why I am not worried about each right now.


I love my child but he is a disaster at looking after things.


We all have a child who like to throw or generally kill all his / her toys. Well this has already been addressed and was even before the Switch was formally introduced on the 13th of Jan. There are cases for the controllers. Carry backs for the console and the controllers and probably much more in the line coming. Listen nothing is going to be indestructible and this is deffo a 300 Euro thing you do not want little Jane throwing down the stairs but it may happen and that is a real possibility. That is why I am so glad these accessories are actually tailored to helping kids protect their console and not just make it all nice and fancy.

I hear it will be online? I don’t want Timmy talking to weirdos.

We all have that fear that our child will be playing their favourite game and suddenly they are taking to their new friend Jason who is so nice until you realise Jason is a 40-year-old man trying to kidnap your child. Yes this has happened but we as parents have a secret weapon. Its us. I say this all the time in my job. Parents have to parent. You cannot expect Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo to parent for you. Get up off your ass and do the job you opened your legs or stuck it in there for. All new consoles have parental controls nowadays and Nintendo are not taking this lightly either. Their video above for their parent controls is great but also shows what we as parents should be doing. If you do not know how to then YouTube. I have full faith in the parental controls of my Xbox and Playstation and will also in my Switch because I did what I will always have to do and get up and look for information on how to.


Is it for the children or for the family?


Everything I have seen of the Switch seems to be tailored for both. Listen at the end of the day its Nintendo. Probably the very last family friendly video games company in the world. You will get Mario and you will get Sonic but with this console you will also finally get Fifa again and you can play it on the go. Whether that be going to work on your morning commute or while dad drives you to football practice. This looks like a great system and is something I think will definitely take off. We have been crying for high-end games like Mario and Sonic on a mobile device or years. Finally Nintendo have listened. The Switch is designed for shared play also. Its controller splits in two for you and you parents or friends to play together. Think about that. While other companies charge $60 for an extra controller Nintendo are giving you it buy one get 1 free.

My final thoughts on this are simple. i hope this does take off. We wanted it now we have it. It will be up to companies to produce quality games for the Switch but it will be up to people who buy it to make it a success. Only time will tell but for my two cents I will not be buying on day one but it might make a lovely Christmas present to myself.

Until next time live long and prosper.