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Fun video games to play with your kids.

Before I even start this these are me own opinions. Other people will definitely be different from mine but these are the top 5 games to play with your kids on PC, Xbox or PS4.

World of Warcraft


What better way to teach your kids right and wrong than to get them to pick their first ever character in Warcraft and instantly tell them they were wrong and should have picked Demon Hunter. WoW has always had a loyal following (of which I am one of the 8 year vets) and with this comes a pride in a game which has developed into something that no one has ever seen the like of again. You learn the values of friendship (in murdering candle loving grandads), Honor in returning stuff to people who maybe shouldn’t be trusted, and of course why murder is a bad bad thing. Because someday you will get murdered yourself. This is a game which teaches you basic computer movement and with practice can make you a master of every game there is out there. The storylines are simple for kids to follow and there is no blood and guts (never mind the undead) which are rampant in most other games. Its simple family fun. Unless you are Horde. In which case you are scum. For the Alliance.

Fifa 17, 18, any


Fifa has always been a staple of fun sports games this side of the pond. Its simple to get into but hard to master. You can play online or by yourself or with friends. I have known people who have made lasting relationships from games like Fifa and who have eventually met in real life. I know shocking that a game can be fun and friendly. Fifa brings with it a sense of achievement rarely seen in most sports games. There is something fun about getting a low-level team into the top rankings in the world. It’s also fun to sell and buy star players who you hear about every week. The only downside to Fifa is its reliance on micro transactions with its Ultimate team feature. Yes you can get the same rewards from just playing the game but hell who has time for that. I want Messi and I want him now. Hears my 50 euro.

Crash Bandicot


Come on Crash had to make this list. He is one of the best things about the Playstation and he will always have a place in our hearts. The shear heart racing moment when a bolder appears and chances you down a track as you frantically try to keep out of its way will be ingrained in ever males memory who has every played this classic game. Not only is it simply fun but it is deceptively easy to just pick up and play. There was no major button mashing just jump and spin your heart away. People have been crying out for a new Crash game for years. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike and the fun is not just in playing it but watching your kids faces as they try to time a jump over a log to perfection. Classic.

League of Legends


Not a game I have played a whole lot of but what a fun game though. This team based tower defense game allows kids to be kids but also introduces them to a world where if people do not work together then things simply do not work. Lol is one of those games a bit like WoW where communication is the key to success. Lol is also big money. The world championships held every year have a cash price averaging 2 million US dollars. Thais not petty change. Lol is big business and if the child gets good could be earning more money than you the parent. Stuff to think about as online play and gaming just keeps getting bigger and better. I am not gonna lie there are some amazingly cute characters in Lol too to such you in. Offers loads for boys and girls.



Ok ok how could I not put probably one of th most successful franchises in the world in this list. Pokemon started its days as a simple card game but wow has it become so much more over the years. With the release of Pokemon Go earlier this year this franchise went from cool to sub-zero over night. Cute animals and the need to catch them all suck parent and child alike in. With the ability to trade Pokemon and to battle each other this series of games ahs become a phenomenon over the last decade and only seems to be getting bigger. There are plenty of people around the world who take this game seriously and who will argue to the death over which Pokemon are better and why. But at its core its a simple game where you get to become the very best. Like no one ever was.

Well thanks for sticking with me through this simple list post. Yeah you can tell it’s nearly Christmas. Of the games not mentioned I would like to give an honorable mention to Overwatch which is a simple fun competitive online game which kids and adults love and what child doesn’t want to kill their daddy with a sniper rifle?


The Catch Up is Complete

Hey Guys and Gals

Ravon back once again after a short break I took revisiting my favorite place in the whole world. Yes Azeroth.  Had a lot to catch up with once I got my hands on Cataclysm earlier this month and  thankfully due to lots of snow and ice in Ireland I had a lot of time on my hands to run through a lot of the content. Not all but a lot.

So what’s this article going to be about. Yep you guessed it a full on Cataclysm review session. So we’re going to break it up into a few sections here for you guys. First is Questing. First off the bat in the new Stormwind or Ogrimmar is the choice you get to pick between the lost city of Vashj’ir or Mount Hijal. Personally I picked Vashj’ir as I wanted to see just how good this zone was after it was finally completed from beta. Now hold your horses I was not disappointed and that’s for later. The questing flow in all areas is amazing. There is a true and defined fluidity to it that is so well done it is no time and you have completed half the quests in the area just because they are so fun. With the questing comes the phasing and we finally feel like we are in a progressive MMO when the very landscape around up is changing as we read the quest text and please guess for your own sake read the quest text.  Now there are parts where you could maybe miss a quest or two and miss out on a chain quest and have to fly all over the map to find it but this only happens a couple of times. All in all questing is epic.

Secondly I wanna talk about zones. We got the 5 new zones with the lost city of Vashj’ir, Mount Hijal, Ulduam, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands. Are these zones spectacular? Yes. Does the phasing work good in these zones. My god yes. What would you change about these zones? Well i would not change much apart from a few more NPC’s and a bit less of a respawn time on the existing ones as most people will have seen that once you kill one it is like he cloned himself in a split second and just started to pound on you where he left off. Of course this will all get sorted once the number of people running the areas diminishes but it was a little annoying. Vashj’ir is amazing. The swimming and walking underwater is great and fun but I did hear a lot of people complaining about it but personally I had no problem with it. Hijal uses phasing to its uttermost best ( yes it can be a sentence). As you progress through the zone it is great to see the life returning to the mountain and you helping change the zone forever by your actions. Ulduam is just so much fun and gorgeous. Hell it’s just chock full of Indiana Jones which I love. Deepholm is menacing and broody which works great for the zone where Deathwing called home for so long and finally Twilight Highlands is cool and taking the fight to the Twilight cult and helping the red dragons is definitely a favorite.

Next up is dungeons. So I have run every one of the new dungeons except heroic Deadmines and they all start exactly where the quests that lead you there end which is brilliant.  I have only completed dungeons on normal at the moment as I am waiting on guild to gear up before taking on heroics. Throne of the tides is beautiful and simple to be honest. It’s not much of a challenge but looks cool. Vortex Pinnacle will cause you some problems if you do not CC the adds but other than that the bosses are pretty straight forward. Stonecore is fun and again not much of a challenge on normal mode.  The lost city of Tol’vir is again a CC checker. You need your group working together here or else it is a very big wipefest. Halls of Origination is fun and it’s great to be with Mr Bronzebeard again. The bosses are simple and no real problems with them at all. Grim Batol = OMG. Now of all the new dungeons this one was hard. The trash is hard. The bosses are hard and if you do not clear a good bit of the trash with the drakes at the start then prepare for a long night head of you guys cos it is not easy. All in all I like the new dungeons. They are all fun and great to run through and experience. Heroics will not be easy :).

Lets tackle the Goblins and Worgan last. WTH was Blizzard thinking about putting these guys in this expansion? Are they nuts? Do we not already have way too many cool things in here? I guess they thought not and gave us the fun and completely over the top Goblins and vicious down right bad ass Worgan. So Goblins have been in the game since the start and they are just as fun and conniving as they always have been. I started with a Goblin rogue as they are evil stealing gremlins so that was the perfect combo ( did you get the joke? lol) and I must say that not only was the questing fun and interesting in the starter zones but also the phasing actually helped me care about my little Gizmo.  The use of vehicles in the 3rd quest you get is ingenious and gives you so much fun to play and do your quests that it feels like no time before you’re stranded on the Lost Isles and fighting the Alliance so that you can survive. Lucky for you that the Horde hate the Alliance again and that you get a chance to scratch their backs and they help scratch your’s. Now that good business, The Worgan on the other hand face an impossible fight from the word go against the enemy they will eventually become. The questing is fun and gives you the basics of exactly what your class can and can’t do and also lets you have fun as a human before your life is ripped away by the curse that befalls the Gilneas people.  As you fight to basically stay alive as the Undead arrive to take Gilneas you are helped by the Night Elves who feel a duty to assist your race as they are partially to blame for the curse. The Worgan are exactly what the Alliance need. They needed a vicious menacing brutal race to off set the nice and friendliness that has been in the Alliance since the start. We are going to see a lot of Worgan around and hopefully my Worgan druid will be at the thick of the action soon.

So is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm worth all the hype? Well yes and no. It is an amazing piece of work and one which as a player I am so glad to see happening. Is this the best that Blizzard can do? No. There is much more to come from this expansion and I think we have only got a small bit of a bigger and much more interesting storyline. I think this will be the start of something great and not the best that we have seen. What’s Blizzards next expansion? Come on people why the hell would you bother asking this already. Get over it and play the game they have given you.

When the world is shattered….

Hey guys and girls

A late post this week due to the fact I have run out of game time which means my lovely access to World of Warcraft is none existent until the end of this week. So all information brought to you this week will be from various other websites.

So obviously the big news this week is that shattering of Azeroth as we knew it and reborn in the fires of Deathwing. As I have not seen or experienced this apart from on the beta I have to say I really wanna see it. With all the Dalaran and Shattrath portals being removed I hear a lot of people crying about the fact of not being able to run through a portal to where they want to go. Get over it people. You knew it was coming and it’s not a big deal now we will be able to fly in Azeroth anyway. From playing on the beta I have seen how much the world has changed and I love it. Come on the Redridge bridge is finally complete.

Blizzard has cut the prices of WoW and all its expansions also for a limited time. You can pick Vanilla World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade up for €5 each and also Wrath of the Lich King for €10. So come on guys buy this limited offer for your loved ones and get them hooked also.

Blizzard announced the Darkmoon Faire website. Similar to the 5th anniversary website there are unlockable features the more that you send in your applications for the 2 competitions that they now have running. One a video competition and the other and image competition.  Prizes include laptops and headsets and the stuff which has been unlocked so far is pretty darn cool. Look below at the images and videos unlocked so far. Must say Garosh looks badass.

The official World of Warcraft forums closed down and reopened in a new location this week on the new community site. They look just as neat and tidy as before and I don’t really see a down side to this one. Sure we will have gotten used to the old system but come on its new and pretty and for all those barred Trolls you have been unbarred to rant and rave as much as you like (until you get banned again) in the new glossy forum pages.

No pet for the anniversary this year and I for one am pissed off at this. Blizzard stated it was because they wanted these little guys to only be part of a milestone event like the 5th anniversary. So what was with the 4th anniversary pet then guys? What was the milestone there guys? I know the guys at Blizzard have been busy this year and all but this was their chance to give us Ghostcrawlers moose. Hell they could have even set it on fire and told us for all our whining they would be giving us a flamin moose and we would have been happy. Well we’ll just have to wait for our camels then.

Sorry here but sometimes you come across a piece of fan art that blows you away and I have to give a big congrats to Zhongjie Lan (Windforcelan) for this masterpiece below which I have printed on glossy paper and is sitting up in my office as a truly amazing piece of work. It has to be one of the most sexy and amazing pieces of Warcraft art I have seen in ages and deserves the praise of being on the Blizzard fan art site.  Check below for the picture.

Finally for this week in review we got Patch 4.0.3 which saw those elementals attacking the major cities and although I only saw a fraction of this due to the above issue of running out of game time and money. It did look damn cool with epic raid’s amount of people battling to protect their cities for the onslaught of the elements. This of course died down after a few days and most people just stood there and let others do the work for them. Way to go guys on showing your true allegiance.

Well that’s it from me for another week. I shall be back with you on Sunday this week as I need to actually play the game for a while to get acquainted with what I am telling you guys. Have fun

Epic Noobs Everyone.

Hey guys and welcome to another week in the World of Warcraft.

So this Monday we got the 2nd part of the world event. I must ask was anyone else pretty disappointed in this new set of quests. Yes sure it was kinda cool nuking tiny stone dudes in Ironforge but there wasn’t an epic or huge deal really about it unlike the 1st stage where the elementals were appearing world wide. I kinda hoped that the second stage would see an even greater amount of these world invasions or maybe cut the timer down on them from 1 hr to maybe 30 minutes.  But alas neither of the above seemed to happen and instead we got a quest to save some artifacts and kill some little dudes. Lets hope for something a bit more substantial in the coming weeks as Cataclysm rules up to the door and knocks it off it’s hinges.

Then on Friday night we got the 3rd part of this event giving us a few more quests including disrupting some cultists and their plans for Stormwind and visiting Thrall in Nagrand as we find out that he has stepped down as Warchief and handed the title to an obviously happy Garosh. This 3rd installment definitely was as good as the first and shows the effects that the cultists are having on the cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar with visitors having to be checked before entering the gates in case that they are cultists trying to expand their plans. This doesn’t seem to be working too well though as there are plenty of them walking around in plain sight. Don’t you just want to punch them.

This week thanks to our friends at MMO-Champion we got our first looks at the new store pets coming our way later this month. The Lil’Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling will be winging our way to us soon and you can expect both these pets to cost the same as the previous Lil XT and Pandaran Monk pets. Just like the Monk last year half off all money raised from the sale of the Moonkin Hatchling shall go to a charity which is as yet to be nominated by Blizzard. My take on this is simple. Buy the Moonkin to support the charity as it is a good cause and will more than likely be a deserving one and buy Rag if you feel like it. It is nothing major to buy one or both of them and it is nice to do your charitable deed for the year guys lol.

Blizzard announced this week the introduction of the Dial in authenticator. So what this service is is a free opt in service for when the game believes that it may not be you who is trying to access your account. If this is the case it shall as you to phone a toll free number from a specific number which you will set upon opting in and follow the directions from there. This is a great idea and one I know has been talked about before other places I.E The Instance and add that extra layer of security against account hackers. For those of you who’s phones are not compatible with the mobile authenticator or just not will to pay for the extremely cheap authenticator itself ( which I don’t see why you should not) then this is a viable option for you and it’s free.

Blizzard also announced that you shall be able to race change immediately as of December 7th to either Worgan or Goblin.Does this make me want to do it with my main. No not at all. Some people will want to do this yes but they are going to miss out on exciting new content if they do which I for one shall be rolling 3 new characters. A Worgan, Goblin and either a Human Paladin or Orc Druid. For the people who want their characters as these new races it’s great but I do not foresee many people doing this until at least their characters hit 85 but I have been wrong in the past.

Yes it has arrived a lot quicker than last year… We got our Deathy’s. Wow what a little spit fire he is too. Deathy’s animations come less than those of the other pets but this still makes him a constant companion for all those people who attended or bought the Direct TV package this year. I know he shall have pride of place beside me as I adventure through a reforged Azeroth and he shall be there beside me as I take down his daddy Deathwing.

The Delay.

Hey guys.

First off I would like to apologize for the delay in the last couple of weeks but with Blizzcon and the RL job commitments it has been a nightmare to get 20 minutes to write-up anything substantial enough to call a post but here we are another Friday and another post is for your viewing pleasure.

News today of the beta testing of the new World of Warcraft community site and I must say I am impressed. No longer will there be a mass of menu’s down the left hand side of the screen but all neatly categorized along a top menu plane for ease of access. I must say I like this design a hell a lot. The background is in fitting with the Cataclysm expansion and the overall flow of the site is great. Well done to the designers. Must say I really like.

I have fallen in love by the way with a new World of Warcraft wallpaper. Yes we have the new official Cataclysm wallpaper finally this week and it looks as dark and as menacing as anything I have seen come for the artists before. It has replaced my anniversary 5 and 20 year Warcraft wallpaper of all the faction leaders and I think it will be around for a long time yet.  Unfortunately though my daughter doesn’t seem to like Deathwing so every time she sees him she does a little scream and runs away which is cute and is exactly what I wanna do in-game but I am not such a girl. Yet.

The Cataclysm world event started this week with a number of quests involving elementals and the Twillight Hammer cult. I have played through this series of quests on my main and main alt now and my say they are very well done and not at all majorly time-consuming. There is an achievement also for killing each of the 4 types of elementals in different regions and a friend of mine came up with an excellent idea for making this easier. All you have to do is create a new global chat channel called rifts or whatever you wish and tell people about it. Then people can update each other in your realm on when rift times are or if rifts are currently available and where in certain areas. TOP TIP.

I have to address Red Shirt Guy. This guy had the guts to call Blizzard out on a mistake in lore in beta compared to the new novel The Shattering. Well done this guy and must say to all the idiots who are annoying him give him a break. Someone else would have done this at some stage and it is not fair to make fun of a person just because they have noticed a mistake in-game and I am sure that if this was something to do with your class or role you would have been more than happy for him to stand up there and tell the main guys at Blizzard about it. So well done sir and hope you’re not taking idiots opinions to personally. Also well done on the new in-game character based on Red Shirt Guy in Ironforge Wildhammer Fact Checker who is nicely dressed in customary red shirt.

Cataclysm has also gone on pre sale download from Blizzard store. Now I know a lot of people will get the digital download but for once guys I have to disagree with a game / expansion of this magnitude. I have pre ordered the Cataclysm Collectors Edition with official game strategy guide (which ain’t worth that much really) because god damn it I want it. Yeah I know it’s a lot of money for not that much else extra and yes I know it just for show and yes I know it really nothing but junk to go along with the books and Murlocs and figures and other stuff that I already have spent way way way too much money on but come the hell on. This is the biggest change to the biggest MMO ever. Can you not say that you too are tempted by the silver and red lava box and all it contents.  Sure you are.

Well that’s me for another week guys. Have fun and hope to get the second part of the world event this week so enjoy killing elementals in Stormwind and others.

Outta here.

Post Blizzcon cooldown

Oh come on did you really think I was going to write and article before Blizzcon hit use full in the face with awesomeness. No way.

So lets cover it all in beautiful chronological order. This day last week we were all shocked awh’d and basically scared out of our little pink boxers when the Cataclysm full cinematic was released. Everyone has seen this at this stage. It’s freaking  awesome and possibly the best trailer I have seen this year even beating The legend of the Guardians trailer. Got to love the birds people. What the trailer has brought with it is a villain which up until now we knew was mad and bad and really pissed off but in the trailer we now know he wants us dead and not just a nice dead but a dead as you can possibly be dead with burning as well. The final shot of Deathwing on the gates of Stormwind. Well come on its wow for a reason people. I cannot wait for this game and especially this villain after just completing all 3 War of the Ancients books and am geeking out more than ever. Collectors Edition Cataclysm you shall be mine.

Next up we can see that Cataclysm is getting polished and ready to ship as there is a lot of testing going on for the raid encounters to make them great. there are a good few videos out there of these encounters but the ones i found most enjoyable were here and here. The encounters look amazing and as a warrior tank I say bring it on big guys see what a human can really do.

Then as with every year there was a silence. Nothing happening nothing being talked about until that is Blizzcon happened just 2 days ago. Yes the nearly annual event kicked off with Chris the man Metzen talking about what it is to be Geek and what it means to him and Blizzard to have us as fans. This was a major PR prop by Blizzard to basically say that the company is ours. We control if they make money and it want to make games and expansions which are the best possible and sometimes that feels like too long a time. But quick is not always best and I for one am happy to have this franchise still in the hands of the people it belongs truly too. THE FANS.

Now speaking of this Mike Morhime announced that there will be a second charity pet going in game this year for Child’s Play which will be a Moonkin Hatchling. Cannot wait to see what this looks like and again it is for a good cause so i probably will pay out for it this one time. The only other big announcement was the last Diablo 3 class the demon hunter and area battles. Diablo is looking badass.

The big info came as usual from the quests and lore panel with Chris Metzen and the big one seems to be that Thrall shall be the new aspect of Earth taking over from Deathwing. This is huge as what it basically means is Thrall is the main character along with Deathwing this expansion. Expect  a lot of Horde times and expect it to be epic story as always.  We also got the name of the new old god this expansion which is Nezoth/Ni’zoth.  Kalecgos will be the new blue aspect. Thrall and Jaina will never get green fever for each other.

We found out from the raids and dungeons panel that a lot of old world dungeons are getting a face lift and nip tuck also. with whole sections of some dungeons getting the chop. This is welcome news for new level players as the long Ulduam runs are going bye-bye thank old gods. Plus we’re getting 2D maps for each dungeon was the first step. Detailed boss info will be added to the map, including loot, lore, and abilities! 3D Portrait of the bosses will be available.

but by far the biggest news came from the art panel weirdly enough where we finally got to see the Worgen in-game cut scene which you can see below and also we got the final version of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm login screen and OH MY GOD W.O.W is truly wow and will leave you with that scene.


Win Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

Hey guys

Ok so got an extra special competition for you this time round. Thats right I am giving away not 1 not 2 but 3 copies for Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden.

These are the paperback editions which i recently reviewed on the site and now you can read for yourself the early years of Thrall and how he became warchief. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on one of these fine books all I want you to do is send me an email at your usual email address aswering the following question:

What is the name of Thrall’s parents?

Simple ain’t it. Need both his mother and fathers name. Entries are welcome from anyone anywhere and closing date for entries is Friday 31th July 00:01 PST.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter at @Ravonbrand for more news views and reviews of the World of Warcraft and beyond

Good luck

Looking for Writers: Boss Tutorials

Hey guys and gals

I have been thinking long and hard of ways to make WoWTitans a more helpful and informative place for people to come and I hope I have hit on the right idea. What I am looking for is people who run Dungeons and Rad to send it their tutorial video’s for boss encounters. Now I know your thinking there are a million other sites doing this Ravon and yes your right but what we want at WoWTitans is to have not only a healing guide to the fight but also a tanking, a melee DPS and a ranged DPS guide also. These would all appear under the one article for easy access.

So if you are a tank, healer, melee or ranged get your videos into us and you could be chosen as our regular columnist and also appear on the WoWTitancast (as soon as I sort out my service provider grrr). The criteria could not be simpler. All you need to do is record the encounter and provide basic simple information voiced over it. You can submit the guide for any boss in the game currently although ICC bosses would be preferable. There are no class or race limitations.

To enter just send us the video in an email and we shall contact you to let you know what we thoughts were. We endeavor to reply to every email so don’t be disheartened if it takes a little time for us to contact you. So hope to see those video’s rolling in and good luck.

WoWTitans Reviews : Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

Hey Guys

This is the first in a series of reviews of various Warcraft related items. We shall be not only covering the Warcraft books but also the items on sale in the Blizzard Store and beyond.

To kick off this new second we start with “Lord of the Clans” by Christie Golden.

Now I am no stranger to Ms Golden’s books. I have previously read the amazing Star Trek: Voyager The Dark Matters Trilogy and her novalisation of Endgame another Voyager novel. Ms Golden brings a dept and an understanding of the characters see writes about that very few other authors can contend with are her characters and descriptions are equal if not superior to such authors as Terry Pratchett and Stephen King.

So what’s it about you are asking? Well put simply this is the story of Warchief Thrall.  The story begins after the Horde have fallen to the Shadow Council. Thrall’s father, mother and himself (who is just a baby at this stage) try to rally the Horde to reclaim their once honour once again and drive the corrupted Warlocks out of power and establish the once proud Horde nation. But as they travel to the are set upon by assassins are Thralls parents are killed in the batte leaving the baby Thrall to be eaten by any number of creature. But a human by the name of Aedelas Blackmoore finds the infant and plans to train and use the infant to build an Orc army of his own to defeat the Alliance and take power in Stormwind. Befriended by a human girl named Taretha Thrall escapes and the book cronicals his journey not only to find what happened to his parents and why they died but also learn what it means to be Orc and Orcish history and Shamanistic ways.

Where does the book deliver? Well the story of Thrall has never been one that has peaked my attention in game. He always seemed the evil leader (I play Aliance you see) in my eyes but upon getting even a quarter of the way though the book it became evident that just as in an child you reap what you sow. From being trained and given the name slave (Thrall) he was disrespected left right and center by humans and no wonder he would rather see them wiped from the planet. The story of Thralls relationship with Taretha and how bonds can be forged even in the most unlikely of circumstances is by far and away the best feature of the book. You can feel the love and respect both characters share for each other. Equally you can also feel the loathing and anger towards the drunken protagonist of the novel Aedelas Blackmoore. By the end I wanted him dead just as much as Thrall. All in all the story told within this 278 page book is not only shocking and horrific in places but also touching and memorable.

Where does the book fail? The book fails in just 2 areas. Number 1: Pacing. In parts especially in the middle 4/5ths the book just seemed to have plodded along and I would have liked (just my opinion of course) more time spent dealing with the friendships Thrall had made within the Horde and also dealing with the rebellous elements of the Horde who may not have wished him there or feared him as a spy. Number 2: During the opening pages I would have liked to have gotten more information on the Shadow Council and also how Doomhammer and Thralls dad were involved. It seemed just a little too quick an explanation and I am sure it shall be covered in another book or already has been but it is the only fault I could have with the story.

Conclusion? Ms Golden has pulled a golden goose egg with this novel. All the elements are there friendship, loss, tragity, revenge, and an ending which you will find shocking and brilliant. If you play alliance only you should definately pick this book up and know your enemy as maybe this guy is right all along. Hell wish he was our leader instead of Wrynn lol. The book retails around about €8 from places like or and is well worth it especially in these summer evenings.