Making the most of a little time

Hey guys

So I don’t class myself as “hard-core” but I do play a lot. Basically whenever I not out and watching TV. This had led to try to fit a lot of stuff into a short schedule per day. I will now walk you through a day in the life of Ravonbrand.

Ok so first and foremost on my mind at the moment is gold and making lots of it for the tundra mount. So with this in mind the first place I hit is always Dalaran. Why Dalaran you ask? Well simple answer is for the weekly raid quest, the daily fishing and cooking. These can be the most time-consuming ones depending on the quests offered so I like to get these out-of-the-way as soon as possible.

The it’s on to the Argent tournament for all the daily quests in the area and make some very easy gold from there. This one is a no brainer. I have written previously about how simple it is to make money here and that’s without even farming anything. But right after finishing those quests it farm time.  I fly around the Icecrown area twice sometimes 3 times picking up only Rich Saronite and Titanium. Then fly to Dalaran and smelt them all.

Here is where things change lots. I’m a rep hound. I like to see them all full and work on getting them full so after farming it’s rep farming. Now I just finished the Oracles and Mercenary of Sholazar achievements and now it’s time for (what for it)   Hero of the Zandalar Tribe in good old Zul Gurub and really enjoy just soloing it and destroying those poor trolls.

Next up is of course the random daily heroic dungeon for 2 frost emblems and then it’s the random daily battleground for the hour as I want to fill up my mounts and this is the easiest way.

After all this is done I don’t have time for much else during the weekdays due to work commitments so no raiding but weekends are for that right guys and girls. But when I come home from work I work on one of my many alts that I am leveling to 20 and when that’s done I will be working them again each higher and higher to 80. It keeps the game interesting.

Well hope you liked the article and let others know what you routine or lack there of is in our comments section below.

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About ravon1981

Active WoW players for 3 years on my warrior Human Ravonbrand on Emerald Dream EU

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