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3 Reasons you should buy the Nintendo Switch if you’re a parent.


So we are back after the Christmas break and as always I hope it went smoothly and without incident for my peeps. But no sooner has the hustle and bustle of Christmas ended but the next new thing has dropped in your lap. Yes mummy I want a Nintendo Switch. What is a Nintendo Switch you ask Little Timmy. Well it’s the replacement for the Nintendo WiiU. Yeah remember that games console that very few people wanted because there were very few games? Yes this is the upgrade.

Lets start off easy. What is the Switch. Well Nintendo describes it as “Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like.” Now to break that down into none marketing speak it is a tablet which you can plug controllers into and also plug into your tv to play your games. Now as a geeky dad I love this. This looks amazing. But as a dad I am worried about this also. I have 3 main problems and I shall address the reasons why I am not worried about each right now.


I love my child but he is a disaster at looking after things.


We all have a child who like to throw or generally kill all his / her toys. Well this has already been addressed and was even before the Switch was formally introduced on the 13th of Jan. There are cases for the controllers. Carry backs for the console and the controllers and probably much more in the line coming. Listen nothing is going to be indestructible and this is deffo a 300 Euro thing you do not want little Jane throwing down the stairs but it may happen and that is a real possibility. That is why I am so glad these accessories are actually tailored to helping kids protect their console and not just make it all nice and fancy.

I hear it will be online? I don’t want Timmy talking to weirdos.

We all have that fear that our child will be playing their favourite game and suddenly they are taking to their new friend Jason who is so nice until you realise Jason is a 40-year-old man trying to kidnap your child. Yes this has happened but we as parents have a secret weapon. Its us. I say this all the time in my job. Parents have to parent. You cannot expect Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo to parent for you. Get up off your ass and do the job you opened your legs or stuck it in there for. All new consoles have parental controls nowadays and Nintendo are not taking this lightly either. Their video above for their parent controls is great but also shows what we as parents should be doing. If you do not know how to then YouTube. I have full faith in the parental controls of my Xbox and Playstation and will also in my Switch because I did what I will always have to do and get up and look for information on how to.


Is it for the children or for the family?


Everything I have seen of the Switch seems to be tailored for both. Listen at the end of the day its Nintendo. Probably the very last family friendly video games company in the world. You will get Mario and you will get Sonic but with this console you will also finally get Fifa again and you can play it on the go. Whether that be going to work on your morning commute or while dad drives you to football practice. This looks like a great system and is something I think will definitely take off. We have been crying for high-end games like Mario and Sonic on a mobile device or years. Finally Nintendo have listened. The Switch is designed for shared play also. Its controller splits in two for you and you parents or friends to play together. Think about that. While other companies charge $60 for an extra controller Nintendo are giving you it buy one get 1 free.

My final thoughts on this are simple. i hope this does take off. We wanted it now we have it. It will be up to companies to produce quality games for the Switch but it will be up to people who buy it to make it a success. Only time will tell but for my two cents I will not be buying on day one but it might make a lovely Christmas present to myself.

Until next time live long and prosper.



What not to buy your children for Christmas.

Hi guys and girls

Today’s PSA is about common sense. Now it is called common sense as it is common. So most people have it. Unfortunately there are those “special” people who do not have this skill in knowing right from wrong and your friendly neighborhood ginger is here to help them with this.

Now we all know that Christmas is a hard time of year for parents. Yes the kids have their letters written and all seems well with the world as you sit back in your favorite chair with your cup of tea in hand as you read your darling child’s ever improving handwriting and you are filled with joy and pride in them…. Until you get to the letters G T A V. No four letter word been written by your darling has ever filled you with more dread. Well maybe one. You think to yourself. Jesus surely it cannot be that bad. You look up the reviews and they are glowing. 5 stars. Game of the year. A tour de force. Sure why not. Little Timmy turns it on for the first time and starts to explore this amazing world as you watch on Christmas morning. What. What is this? Is that man beating that girl with a bat? Surely not. Little Timmy what kind of bar are you in now? Oh a strip club. Well surely there is no. Yes yes there they are. The boobs and vaginas. WTF have I done. People always ask me if GTA V is that bad. Look at this picture below and you tell me.


Or this.


Or this.


Yes Mary it is that bad. Now put it down walk away and for god sake get 8-year-old Timmy Rocket League or FIFA.


Nerf. I love Nerf guns. My daughter and I play with them all the time. They are fun and fantastic. My daughter is 8. Would I buy her one at 4. Hell no. A four-year old with a gun is like giving a chain saw to a monkey. Yes they may not know how to work it but when they do you know it’s coming at your face. Now lets introduce the same 8-year-old to Nerf Rivals a new range for OLDER teenagers from Nerf. These are high velocity weapons and I mean weapons. I have been shot with one and it freaking hurts. Yes you can  buy a face mask but whats that going to do for your private bits. It even looks adult. It looks like a freaking paint ball gun on steroids. I love my daughter but do I trust her not to shoot me somewhere delicate with this. Hell no. Do I trust her not to shoot someone else or her brothers and sisters with this. Hell no. Should you buy this for less than a 14-year-old. Hell freaking No.


We all love drones. They are the big thing at the moment. Everyone wants a drone. Hell if America can have them I can have one too. Just less of the murder. Drones are fun and are fantastic for filming really cool and fun things or just doing flips. These things are awesome and I say that because I own 2 and love them. I am an adult. I know what I can and cannot do with these things. Kids on the other hand just want to play with these basically helicopters and have fun too. Just did you ever tell your child not to put their finger somewhere and they did it anyway. Well think of little Timmy (I have no idea why I keep calling this fictional child Timmy. Too much Timmy Time. I could have just called it Tammy or Jessica or any number of names. Hell Timmy it is. ) sticking their finger into the high spinning blades of an ever rotating blade of doom. Yep that fingers gone now Timmy because you didn’t listen to your father again. See what happens. No I shall not bring you to the hospital. Stop whining its only 2 litres of blood you have lost. I lost that when you were born. Drones are great but Jesus do not give it to a child. Teenagers can’t even be trusted with cars let alone helicopters.


Well this has been my PSA. Please listen and do not go asking your local toy store if GTA drones or Nerf is suitable for 3-year-old Jessica. The answer will forever be….. Get out of my shop you idiot.

Fun table top games to play with your kids.

Hey Guys and gals….

This week we are going to be looking at the 5 best board games for kids / families available at the moment. Now a lot of people have their favorite board games and I am one of those people but what I am looking for here is board games which have replay value and also you can easily pick up anywhere. We all know Speak Out and Pie Face are good games but really how many times are you going to be willing to continue to get hit by cream. A question every porn star gets asked?

Enough of that lets begin



How could we not start off with the classic pull a wooden stick out of a block of sticks and hope to god it doesn’t fall over classic which is Jenga. I love this because of 2 reasons. Its simple. There is no mad rules or set up. It takes 2 minutes to get going and the person to pull the stick out which topples it loses. Great fun. Secondly the replay value is emence. Seriously I have played this game for hours with my kids (well one of them, the other just wants to see destruction and knocks it down like a wrecking ball through my Miley Cyrus shaped heart.)



Such a simple and classic game. The rules are simple for any child to pick up and the reward of beating the child I mean in the child beating you is worth it. This is a fantastic game for teaching kids about thinking ahead and strategy. Just black against whites. Or whites against black. We aren’t racist here. Just keep in mind the checkers can be small so keep away from your 2 year olds please.

Dungeons and Dragons


Yes I went there. This all time classic is a must to have in any house. Yes the rules are hard but come one. You get to make up your own adventure with your family in which they live or die by a roll of a dice and at any moment a wandering Ogre could jump out and destroy your whole mission. Start simple. Don’t go big on a first play as kids will just get board. Make little drawings for different characters. Get the kids involved in making the dungeon. Never underestimate the power of imagination.



My partner is not allowed to play this game. I have never played it with her and I can see why she would not be allowed. This is pure maths right here guys. This is your chance to teach your kids ( and partners) about the value of money and how to spend it. Monopoly is probably the best-selling board game in the world so get one and just have some fun. Don’t be too strict at the start but then make sure the kids know all of the rules and then real estate their asses.

Mouse Trap


To finish up I have to pick one of my favorite games of all time. I love it. Watching all those pieces fall into place at the end to capture my wayward mouse in just heaven to me. This is a simple game which children and families of all ages will surely love. Yes there is a lot of setting up and maybe just maybe you will not wanna set the whole thing up again after the first time around but there will always be more mice to capture and more fun to be had.

So what did you think of the list? Have you any suggestions for games which I have not put on the list? Leave a comment below if you do.


Fun video games to play with your kids.

Before I even start this these are me own opinions. Other people will definitely be different from mine but these are the top 5 games to play with your kids on PC, Xbox or PS4.

World of Warcraft


What better way to teach your kids right and wrong than to get them to pick their first ever character in Warcraft and instantly tell them they were wrong and should have picked Demon Hunter. WoW has always had a loyal following (of which I am one of the 8 year vets) and with this comes a pride in a game which has developed into something that no one has ever seen the like of again. You learn the values of friendship (in murdering candle loving grandads), Honor in returning stuff to people who maybe shouldn’t be trusted, and of course why murder is a bad bad thing. Because someday you will get murdered yourself. This is a game which teaches you basic computer movement and with practice can make you a master of every game there is out there. The storylines are simple for kids to follow and there is no blood and guts (never mind the undead) which are rampant in most other games. Its simple family fun. Unless you are Horde. In which case you are scum. For the Alliance.

Fifa 17, 18, any


Fifa has always been a staple of fun sports games this side of the pond. Its simple to get into but hard to master. You can play online or by yourself or with friends. I have known people who have made lasting relationships from games like Fifa and who have eventually met in real life. I know shocking that a game can be fun and friendly. Fifa brings with it a sense of achievement rarely seen in most sports games. There is something fun about getting a low-level team into the top rankings in the world. It’s also fun to sell and buy star players who you hear about every week. The only downside to Fifa is its reliance on micro transactions with its Ultimate team feature. Yes you can get the same rewards from just playing the game but hell who has time for that. I want Messi and I want him now. Hears my 50 euro.

Crash Bandicot


Come on Crash had to make this list. He is one of the best things about the Playstation and he will always have a place in our hearts. The shear heart racing moment when a bolder appears and chances you down a track as you frantically try to keep out of its way will be ingrained in ever males memory who has every played this classic game. Not only is it simply fun but it is deceptively easy to just pick up and play. There was no major button mashing just jump and spin your heart away. People have been crying out for a new Crash game for years. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike and the fun is not just in playing it but watching your kids faces as they try to time a jump over a log to perfection. Classic.

League of Legends


Not a game I have played a whole lot of but what a fun game though. This team based tower defense game allows kids to be kids but also introduces them to a world where if people do not work together then things simply do not work. Lol is one of those games a bit like WoW where communication is the key to success. Lol is also big money. The world championships held every year have a cash price averaging 2 million US dollars. Thais not petty change. Lol is big business and if the child gets good could be earning more money than you the parent. Stuff to think about as online play and gaming just keeps getting bigger and better. I am not gonna lie there are some amazingly cute characters in Lol too to such you in. Offers loads for boys and girls.



Ok ok how could I not put probably one of th most successful franchises in the world in this list. Pokemon started its days as a simple card game but wow has it become so much more over the years. With the release of Pokemon Go earlier this year this franchise went from cool to sub-zero over night. Cute animals and the need to catch them all suck parent and child alike in. With the ability to trade Pokemon and to battle each other this series of games ahs become a phenomenon over the last decade and only seems to be getting bigger. There are plenty of people around the world who take this game seriously and who will argue to the death over which Pokemon are better and why. But at its core its a simple game where you get to become the very best. Like no one ever was.

Well thanks for sticking with me through this simple list post. Yeah you can tell it’s nearly Christmas. Of the games not mentioned I would like to give an honorable mention to Overwatch which is a simple fun competitive online game which kids and adults love and what child doesn’t want to kill their daddy with a sniper rifle?

I don’t know how to dad today.


Did you ever have one of those mornings where you have to get up for work at 7am and then work listening to screaming children all day?

This is everyday for me.

I love my kids I really do. I want to make that clear as I complain about them for the next hundred or so words. I have 2 children who live with me. 1 who does not. We shall go into that in another post soon ;). Zachary is 2 and Myka is 6 months. They are both the best things along with their sister that has ever happened to me and has made me settle down and be better in ways I never thought possible. But then there are the mornings.

I am not a morning person. So being woken at anywhere between 5:30am and 7am is not fun for me. I do not enjoy it but such is the life of a father who gets to spend such little time with his children due to the need to work. Now Zachary is very good in the mornings at first. He stays in his bed until I come and get him and he sits on the couch watching Cbeebies for the couple of minutes it takes me to get his breakfast ready and get his dirty bum changed. Then I have my tea and we relax for a short moment until it’s as if a switch goes off in his tiny child brain telling him that someone is missing. HIS SISTER IS NOT THERE.

The alarm bells ring and suddenly Dougie and the Furchesters are forgotten for his one single mission which he has chosen to accept is to awaken the world and more importantly his sister and mother. There is no stopping this little ball of blonde hair and drive he legs it towards the stairs up them in a single bound that even superman would be proud of and into the room with a at first “sister” slowly becoming a shouting yelling “ssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssstttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr”.

Meanwhile all I want to do is go back to sleep for I know that the day ahead of me is filled with just as much yelling and screaming by children and their parents who both are trying to just keep up with the other or get any from the other it’s never very clear. As I say my goodbyes at the door which this little man has opened for me I look back at his smiling cheeky face and think what will he grow into? The screaming child or the quiet peaceful child. He is the extremes of both.

My future wife has a hard task dealing with them both all day and I do not give her half the credit she deserves for this monumental task. What I can do is try to keep the little ball of energy calm for as long as possible in the mornings and evenings so she can have some rest. Then once the kids depart for night night land daddy can retire for the night. Hang up his daddy boots and put on his I gonna murder some Orcs boots.

Some time I do not wanna dad the day but hell the smiles and cuddles are all worth it.

Its been a long road.

Hi guys and girls…

Wow six years since my last post on this what was a Warcraft fan page. A lot has happened since then. I still play Warcraft and love it even move that I did when I started this page. I am still playing my main which is a Warrior of course and who is slowly gaining gear through the good old daily quests and dungeons.

So where have I been????

No where is the simple answer. For a long time I was trying to find my place and where I fitted and who I was and in the end I realized I am just someone. No idea who really I might be whether they be nice and sweet or horrible and grumpy but aren’t we all those things at most points in our lives. Like really who is the same person they were 6 years ago. Hell reading back on these posts its like someone completely different wrote them and someone different did. I am not the same person I was nor will I ever be again.

So less of the metaphysical let’s get down to reigniting what was once my passion which is sharing my stories. Six years ago I started this page and it was intended to be a news site. A commentary on Warcraft and Warriors. What I realized was I loved talking not just about Warcraft but about me and my then life. So after forgoing this blog I started vlogging. Yes I know massive Segway Michael. I did the vlogging for 5 years and for its ups and downs it helped me to achieve a lot of things which I thought would never happen. Like becoming debt free and meeting a woman I could love. Said woman now has borne me a son and another daughter who I love with all my heart.

So why start back writing???

I loved writing as a kid. I used to make up stories for Star Trek and much more and I have always gravitated back to it. So why not give it another shot with another guise. So we come to the meat of it. I am a dad. I am a geek. I am ginger and I am like every dad ever. Finding our way. This is my story. My faults. My triumphs. My weaknesses and my power. Yeah I had no idea what to put on that last one. So why not come with me on this journey of self exploration and lets see where it takes us.

It may only last a short time but lets enjoy it. ( That’s what she said).

Need sleep

Hey guys and gals

Today we’re going to go into a bit more of the features of Patch 4.1.

2 new guild tabards – Illustrious Guild Tabard and Renowned Guild Tabard

New level 391 trinkets include Stay of ExecutionGift of the Greatfather and my fav Scales of Life

There are also some cool new mounts to replace the Zul Gurub ones Armored Razzashi Raptor

Interrupts will now always hit their targets off global cooldown. Fab man

Tame beast now tames pets to the hunters level and not 5 levels below. Thank the hunter lord.

Magmaw now tells you he has worms.

Profession trainers and vendors realise there more profit if they are in every city.

Blizzard is working on a Looking for Guild system but with no details as yet it’s early days.


Hey guys and gals

Welcome to todays big news daily dose.  What have we got today well all the news is about patch 4.1 and those data mined files from MMO champion.

Zul Gurub and Zul Aman to be 5 man Dungeons

Plenty of class changes

New Companions and mounts


A whole whack of stuff which can be found here :


Daily Dose 23/02/2011

Good Morning guys and Gals

Some news for hunters and some news for mages today in our daily news section of the site. Hope you enjoy

Todays hot fixes

2200 rating arena weapons available

More explanation of the hunter changes

Mage Ignite munching

Blizzard art update

Daily Dose 21/02/2011

Hey guys

Welcome to today’s daily does.

The news for today as follows:

WoW Brazil looks set to be launching later this year.


Class balance based on PTR testing


Optec’s Patch 4.0.6 General Warlock guide


That post by Certaindeath replied to by our fav mod Nevalistis